The 18th China International Furniture Production Equip…

Exhibition time: September 11-14, 2012 Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall “The 18th China International Furniture Production Equipment and Raw Materials Exhibition (FMC China 2012) will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from September 11th to 14th, 2012, and at the ......Reading more

Tray stickers - pond

Paper Bean Sticker - Pond Softside Luggage is constructed of lightweight and durable tear-resistant fabrication, the set is perfect for all of your travel needs. Go on your next adventure with the filament collection from softside luggage! the lightweight spinner brin ......Reading more

The reason why the water city mahogany furniture rose b…

Due to the lack of raw materials, mahogany furniture has always been regarded as the “gold” in the furniture market, and both sales volume and price have also opened higher. A few days ago, the news that the mahogany furniture plummeted was madly reprinted. For a time, the “worth ......Reading more

Analysis on the Consumption Trend of China's Reside…

Cost-effectiveness is still the main theme of smart home product consumption. In 2012, with the continuous increase in raw material prices, transportation costs, labor costs, and store rents, coupled with a series of national regulation of the upstream real estate market, the home market is facing ......Reading more

Change the "makeup" in early spring

The cute, sweet and playful style represented by the word "Meng" really makes people want to stop, and the cute beauty is also quietly popular. Then how can I be a cute girl? Now, Xiaobian tells you a few key points to create a beautiful makeup. Meng line beauty quick success guide Key ......Reading more

Fashion creative furniture design

Page 1: Fashion creative furniture design Page 2: Fashion and creative furniture design For the top designers who are famous, it is a great honor to be able to participate in the annual Milan Design Week. This is an amazing place that is endless, either by a designer who is invited by a famous ma ......Reading more

Contamination of beverage caps is claimed by consumers

Chen Liangrong’s claim is not only reconfirmed that the threaded bottle cap will contaminate the drink again, but it also provides consumers with a claim for reference. What if the consumer is harmed because of drink contamination? On Shilong Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, on January 9 ......Reading more