Health product bottle packaging specification

In order to pursue the grade of the product, the health care product manufacturers often use the health product bottle packaging to cost. We can see today in the shouting of lightweight plastic bottles to save costs and respond to low-carbon trends. Pick up a bottle of health products, especially ......Reading more

Heart water hand cream close care for delicate hands

Hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body to the outside world. Due to long-term exposure to external stimuli such as sunlight and pollution, the hand needs special attention more than other parts of the body. In this issue, the top 5 hand creams that are most popular among white-collar w ......Reading more

Chongqing Adventure Association expert: ALICE was in di…

On August 17, Zhao Chengzhang, deputy director of Yunyang County Tourism Bureau, and photographer Zhang disappeared during the expedition of the stalagmite river in Longtan. At present, the photographer was rescued and Zhao Chengzhang is still missing. There are unexpected situations during outdoo ......Reading more

Paper industry chain research and recent industry persp…

Conclusion and investment suggestion: The contradiction between supply and demand has not improved significantly. The short-term industry profit is under pressure, and the profit reduction is expected to be realized. The fundamentals of 12Q2 major companies have improved compared with 12Q1, but the ......Reading more

What is the difference between an automatic baler and a…

What is the difference between an automatic baler and a semi-auto baler? First, the shape of the baler: Semi-automatic balers have low-table semi-automatic balers and high-table semi-automatic balers, and automatic balers have vertical automatic balers and side-type automatic balers. Second, the ......Reading more

Long mascara creates an airy eyelash

MM with short eyelashes and sparse eyelashes. If you want to draw good eye makeup, you must choose a mascara with a long effect. First, you should lengthen the eyelashes, and then create a thick effect to make the small eyes instantly become bigger and make the big eyes more charming. Touching, tod ......Reading more

The four secrets of buying a wardrobe look, smell, ask,…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] At present, the wardrobe brands on the market are numerous, they are similar in appearance, style, cabinet structure and so on. Then, among many brands, how to choose a suitable wardrobe becomes the most concerned issue for consumers when purchasing. When ......Reading more