Videojet introduces five new inkjet printers

China Packaging Network Compiler: US Videojet Technology Co., Ltd. launched a series of inkjet coding equipment at this week's International Packaging Exhibition (PACK EXPO), which is compact in size, has communication capabilities, and can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines. N ......Reading more

Functional corrugated board types and processing (on)

In some commodity packaging, corrugated boxes are required to have waterproof, rust-proof, freshness-preserving, flame-retardant and other properties, which are not available in ordinary corrugated cardboard, and therefore require further processing. Waterproof corrugated cardboard In a high tem ......Reading more

Talking about the Status Quo of Packaging Gravure Print…

3, the ink viscosity requirements. The printing factory hopes that the viscosity of the original ink will be properly increased, and the viscosity of the ink will be controlled at 30-60 seconds (coating 4# cups). For high-speed gravure, the original ink has a viscosity of less than 40 seconds and ......Reading more

KALIX Launches New Packaging Carton Machine KP600

As the world's leading manufacturer of filling and cartoning machines, KALIX introduced new cartoning machines to the market. This new type of cartoning machine is an improved version of the original KPS model. This machine adopts the latest technology to increase the production efficiency. T ......Reading more

Economic perspectives of domestic and international pac…

Third, from the technical environment required for the design of packaging technology, there is no production without design. Especially under the conditions of modern society, backward technology means backward production, and designers can choose technical support during the design process. , It ......Reading more

Several Outdoor Equipment Brands Introduce 5--Mountain …

Name: Mountain HARD WEAR Mountain Rock Origin: United States Website: http:// Introduction: Outdoor clothing, tents, sleeping bags series manufacturings high-end mountaineering, backpacking and camping tents, Sleeping bags, outerwear and layering systems. Speaking of MHW, this company has a lo ......Reading more