Yangwuanwuan's packaging design work (1)

Source: Art Design Alliance We have different kinds of mold for sharpeners, with one hole, two hole, three hole; metal type and plastic type; OEM and ODM designs are welcome. MOQ: normally 5000set/design, or we can further discuss. Sampling: if we have samples available, we' ......Reading more

Enamel metal substrate surface printing

For manufacturing hybrid integrated circuits, 96% aluminum oxide ceramic substrates are generally used. According to the special requirements of users, to produce large-scale, high-power, and complex circuit shape of the substrate, we choose the enamel metal substrate, which has high thermal condu ......Reading more

Ceramic flower color screen printing features

1. Due to the opacity of the porcelain ink pigments, most ceramic paper screen printing uses spot color alignment printing. Therefore, the color separation adopts spot colors to directly separate out the number of colors on the original. The spot color separation is binary, and the color is decomp ......Reading more

What is PostScript?

Postscript is a programming language designed specifically for printing graphics and text. It is independent of the media being printed, whether you print on paper, film, or on the screen. It is a page description language, similar to the HTML language. Postscript was proposed by Adobe in 1985 an ......Reading more

New Technology in Modern Newspaper Printing (II)

CTP technology CTP technology is the collective name for off-line direct plate making, on-machine direct plate making, and direct printing line mounting technology. Because it simplifies the platemaking process, no data is lost, and the network is sharp, the dot reproducibility is good, the plate ......Reading more

Four-color gravure pad printing process

Like any four-color printing process, print registration is a key issue in four-color intaglio printing. To obtain accurate overprint quality, it is very important to fully grasp and control every factor that has a great influence on the pad printing process. The variable factors in the gravure p ......Reading more

Offset production standardization (2)

Third, printing standardized content Printing standardization includes two aspects of material standardization and method standardization. 1. Material standardization. 1 paper classification. A certain kind of paper is a paper that belongs to a standard specification. Which field density is cho ......Reading more