Gas sensor range introduction

The calibration of the gas sensor range can be quite easy or very complicated and expensive, depending on the type and concentration range of the gas. According to the principle, in order to achieve satisfactory accuracy, the equilibrium mixture of target gas and background ambient gas is the best ......Reading more

Vibration system of three comprehensive test chamber

The three comprehensive test chamber is for users to conduct a comprehensive stress screening test of temperature, humidity and vibration on the whole machine (or parts), electrical appliances, instruments, materials, etc., in order to assess the adaptability of the test sample or evaluate the beh ......Reading more

Scientist research reveals molecular mechanism of inter…

Scientists have studied to reveal the molecular mechanism of interaction between soil minerals and microbes. The reporter recently learned from the Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Chinese Academy of Sciences that the young researcher Fang Linchuan of the institute combined macroscopic ad ......Reading more

Shuaikang smoke machine CXW-220-T888 big suction trust …

To fight against this fume, there is always a suction hood with great suction. Today I will bring you this Shuaikang CXW-220-T888, which is famous for its great suction. Product parameters Illumination LED lamp, dual-lamp unified control 2 * 3W air volume 20 ± 10% m³ / min wind press ......Reading more

Dehumidification method and principle of high and low t…

The constant temperature and humidity test box is composed of four major systems: control system, heating and humidification system, refrigeration system and protection system. If there is humidification in the humidification system, then there must be a dehumidification part. What is the dehumidi ......Reading more

Instruction manual of rat transforming growth factor β…

This reagent is for research purposes only: this kit is used to determine the content of transforming growth factor β1 (TGF-β1) in rat serum, renal tissue homogenate and related liquid samples. Experimental principle: This kit uses the double antibody sandwich method to determine the level ......Reading more

Mainstream development of waterproof test chamber

In the past 10 years, due to research achievements in nanoscale precision machinery, modern chemical research at the molecular level, biological research at the genetic level, new sensor technology and intelligent technology, and high-precision super-performance special functional materials The em ......Reading more