Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Operation Series…

A very good demo. It ’s not a picture or animation, it ’s a live action video. Please wait, other GC operation videos will be uploaded one after another. Decompression method: Download all 4 parts of the gas chromatography operation series (video)-EI ion source cleaning, and change the ......Reading more


Main features of Atlas automatic synthesis reaction system: * Fully automatic computer controlled reaction, which can automatically control temperature, speed, PH value, etc., with USB interface to store data * High-efficiency heating plate or oil bath heating, can be quickly heated to 280 ℃ , ......Reading more

Application of catalytic hydrogenation in organic synth…

1: Concept of catalytic hydrogenation 2: Hydrogenation equipment and safety measures 3: Application range and reaction conditions of hydrogenation 4: Preparation and characteristics of catalyst 5: Hydrogenation of alkyne 6: Hydrogenation of olefin 7: Hydrogenation of nitro and nitroso 8: hydrogenati ......Reading more

The correct diet for high quality muscle building

Getting enough vegetables in your daily diet is an important part of muscle building. Most muscle-enhancing "menu" focus only on protein and carbohydrates while ignoring vegetables. In fact, foods high in protein and high in carbohydrates rarely contain essential n ......Reading more

Reliable and accurate performance MB04 stepless speed c…

Shanghai Nuoguang provides reliable and precise operation of MB04 stepless speed changer . The stepless speed changer rotates the handwheel to drive the speed change cam to change the angular position. At the same time, the speed control cam's stepless speed changer end surface curve is passed ......Reading more

20 new standards for healthy eating

1. Straight back while eating. People are relaxed when they eat, and it is easy to have a chest hunch. As everyone knows, this will put pressure on the esophagus and stomach, affecting digestion. In addition, eating at a low table, sitting on the sofa and eating while eating ......Reading more

The "Happy Chinese City Wuhu" Network is Read…

Lugu Lake is a city full of joy. There is a “passionate and exciting” national top theme park tour, an “absolutely elegant” cultural ambience tour, an “elegant and relaxing” ecological landscape tour, and “surprises of surprise”. Gourmet shopping tou ......Reading more