Some advice and advice on glass bottle online trading

Currently, the online trading in the glass bottle market is becoming more and more active. Chen Ming, the director of the bottle packaging market in China, has made some comments on the current market characteristics of glass bottle network trading. 1. For the product released by the glass bottle ......Reading more

Lace makeup wakes up your childhood memories

Many women have a "lace" complex, and a skirt with lace is probably the biggest dream of many girls when they were young. In this season, lace has become a source of inspiration for delicate makeup, creating lace makeup that awakens your childhood memories. Gold and copper shine, awaken ......Reading more

2011 most popular eye makeup

The most popular eye makeup in the summer of 2011 is gorgeous, it can be said to be a feast of beauty, look at the show backstage, 2011 eye makeup trend is also a close eye, gorgeous visual enjoyment, you must like it. Purple Eyes Purple, originally a fascinating color, has no conflict with the o ......Reading more

alert! Rich makeup

Mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow are all in battle, and an "electric eye makeup" is made to make the eyes look forward to shining. This is a practice of loving women. However, some women are infected with " cosmetic eye disease " because they do not pay attention to eye hygiene ......Reading more

Interview with Liu Fuxin, General Manager of Zhanzhi Ti…

   [Liu Fuxin]: This is the case. Brand building. Our current plan is to build a strong brand in the country. First of all, we have made great efforts in the e-commerce sector. Some related plans have been done at the same time. Our company's website includes some of the actual is ......Reading more

Brief description of ink capillary transfer printing

The ink is transferred from the ink hole through the pores to the surface of the printing material (in some cases, the proofer also uses an electrostatically assisted ink transfer device). The drum rolls to the end of its circumference to get the largest sheet. After the rotation is completed, the ......Reading more

2011 Outdoor Knowledge Season Two: Summer Outdoor Mount…

Crossing or climbing in the summer, the sun is quite strong, so be sure to pay attention to sun protection. In general, the team departed in the morning and arrived at the departure point almost noon. The team did not move forward. It was already at noon. At this time, the temperature is highest a ......Reading more