Outdoor aging factor of xenon lamp aging test chamber

The xenon lamp aging test chamber uses a xenon arc lamp that simulates the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce destructive light waves in different environments, so that the changes in the material exposed to sunlight can be well observed. Today, we are not talking about the weatherproof test box ......Reading more

Dimethyl ammonium bromide specification

Ethyl (1-hexadecyl) dimethyl ammonium bromide CAS No.: 124-03-8C20H44BrN=378.47 Grade: High Purity Grade content: ≥99.0% Moisture: ≤0.5% Heavy metal: ≤5ppm Properties: white powder, Melting point 190 ° C Use: Biochemical research. Used in catalysts, emulsifiers, disinfectants, b ......Reading more

Stretch wrapping film tensile testing machine quality a…

Stretch wrapping film tensile testing machine quality assurance and after-sales service commitment: 1, the scope of warranty: The test machine mainframe is guaranteed by the company for one year under normal use and lifetime maintenance service. Damage to the main unit due to non-human causes, f ......Reading more

Eight steps to understand the trend of the cabinet to c…

First, there should be a basic understanding of the cabinet 1. Visit more large building materials supermarkets and furniture brand stores. There are many branded cabinets here. In the many exchanges of the shopping guide, your professional knowledge will continue to strengthen. T ......Reading more

Method for preserving the preservation of antibodies

1). Ascites: After reconstitution of ascites, a small amount of azide may be added to prevent bacterial growth. Ascites should be frozen. Monoclonal antibodies are best preserved in small packages to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. To save for a long time, do not at 4 °C. Unlike serum, pro ......Reading more

The breakthrough of Anwar marble tiles

Anwar tiles overcome several major problems in the production process of marble tiles. First of all, from the quality point of view, we all check the marble tiles with the quality of the polished tiles to ensure that every excellent product is the same as the quality of the polished tiles. ......Reading more

Seven body full body whitening quick method

Seven body full body whitening quick method After a strong summer sun exposure, MM have done their best to get a good skin care, but many body parts are still tanned. So autumn is coming, we should seize the opportunity to hurry up and come back! Remember to want to whiten and face the face, but ......Reading more