Star makeup, who do you like?

Star makeup , who do you like? Makeup Comments: Zhang Bozhi is a famous beauty embryo, the foundation is very good, she has a fascinating beauty. After the heavy makeup, she increased the outline and color of the eyebrows. Angled eyebrows, with the effect of elongated face, and with brown and blue ......Reading more

Mature girl anti-wrinkle young secret

The years are ruthless, it not only takes away our youth, but also leaves traces of the years on the body. However, people often say that it is the best time to start maintenance at the age of 20. From 25 onwards, the woman's skin began to age. Today, let's take a look at how the mature fem ......Reading more

Winter skin care moisturizing, lock water for long-last…

When entering the winter time, the skin becomes super sensitive, and it is easy to have oil-water imbalance, which causes the horny layer to show rough peeling and excessive keratinization. Even if a lot of skin care products are applied, the skin will not pass through the stratum corneum. The skin ......Reading more

Guangxi: Small workshops suspected of illegally produci…

Response: Small workshops suspected of illegally producing vials Pu Weiren, a reporter from Pubei, told reporters that a small workshop was suspected of illegally producing vials in the department store warehouse of Pubei County. This workshop has been in existence for several years. It often impo ......Reading more

How to turn waste into treasure for the beauty effect

Turning waste into treasure is not a rare thing in daily life. There are many things around us that seem to have nothing to do with beauty, but in fact it is a good beauty material ! Let's take a look at how to turn waste into treasure beauty! Olive oil unloading eye makeup does not hurt skin ......Reading more

Illegal dealers use waste bottles as soy sauce bottles

Is this a soy sauce factory or a waste recycling station? On December 15, when the reporter came to a soy sauce factory in Ligezhuang Town, Jiaozhou, he even made such a sigh. The entire factory was filled with rags and a variety of used bottles, even beer bottles. The proprietress told reporters ......Reading more