New Technology for Creating ICC Profiles for Presses

In recent years, with the constant emergence of new color management technologies, the quality and stability of color management have also increased. The basic condition for color management is that various raw materials are relatively stable. For the printing process, the printing conditions also ......Reading more

Wood discoloration and prevention and control

1 Wood color and its type Wood discoloration, in simple terms, is the color change that occurs on the surface due to the action of the environment (sunlight, oxygen, moisture, temperature) and microbes (fungi). Wood, sawn timber, and wood products may be discolored. After the ......Reading more

Qi: Japanese swimmers train with PET bottles

The Japanese team, who did not want the Olympic Games synchronized swimming gold medal, found a "secret weapon" - a PET plastic bottle. It is said that even Kitashima Kosuke has developed an interest in this "secret weapon." In mid-July, Suzuki Yoshiko and Harada Tashiro of Jap ......Reading more

Cameroon Overview and Cameroon Map--New Edition

Welcome to the new 2010 map system: http:// Faster, more maps Country name: The Republic of Cameroun, La République du Cameroun Independence Day: January 1 (1960) National Day: May 20 (1972) National flag: It is a rectangle with a ratio of length to width of 3:2. From left to right, it con ......Reading more

Ten innovative packaging design concepts

Peter Zhuangke, a well-known business thinker of the 20th century, believes that business has two functions - marketing and innovation. This article is the integration of these two concepts. Essentially packaging is a marketing tool that is the last marketing message your customers see before purc ......Reading more