Economic perspectives of domestic and international packaging design

Third, from the technical environment required for the design of packaging technology, there is no production without design. Especially under the conditions of modern society, backward technology means backward production, and designers can choose technical support during the design process. , It can also improve some even update the original technology.

For packaging design, although it does not belong to the high, sharp, fine technical field, but due to the emergence of a variety of new packaging materials, as well as computer, printing technology, the technological factors of the current packaging design has been greatly enhanced. We put aside the requirements of various new materials molding and synthesis for the technology. In terms of the use of computers in packaging design, as an auxiliary tool for design, it becomes the unparalleled superiority of hand and machinery. The necessary means of designing today. The application of computer in packaging design is not a mere change in the sense of tool. It has a new concept and processing for the whole system of design thinking, design language, design aesthetics, design process, and even “design-production-consumption”. Claim.

The improvement and design of the technology complement each other. As a packaging design that belongs to a comprehensive, marginal field, the design process must rely on mathematics, physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, and other natural sciences and numerous natural sciences. Theories and methods that enable the perfect embodiment of design need to rely on social sciences and multi-social science and technology theory and methods such as economics, psychology, culture, art, law, history, folklore and so on. A brilliant designer must design a perfect solution. To make his own design plan into production, he must be familiar with and adapt to various technologies. Design innovation must make good use of various technologies. In this sense, we should also testify that science and technology are the truth of productivity. Therefore, we can say that design is power and design is productivity because it is the three elements of productivity—laborers, production tools, and means of production. Among them, the production tools and production materials belong to the category of “materials”. Only through the “human” elements can they create productive forces that create value and produce wealth. The difference between "simple labor" laborers and "complex laborers" is that laborers' "creativity", creative people, and people with "design" characters involved in the production process, can create More wealth.

Fourth, in terms of the relationship between the packaging design scheme and the eventual bulk materialization, the design requires production to be survivable, value-based and achievement-oriented. In turn, production is the key step to achieving and ensuring the economic attributes of design solutions.

Production is the key link in transforming natural human and material resources into material information necessary for society, and the design of the product that determines the production is the first link. Of course, from the point of view of packaging's timeliness, regionality, etc., its design plan is undoubtedly dynamic, and it needs to constantly change from time to time. Especially in the increasingly fierce market economy competition, the need for production design is structural, developmental and open.

The packaging design program plays a decisive role in its production. On the other hand, after the design is separated from the production line, part of it remains in the enterprise, part of it goes to the society, but it is still facing the enterprise, and it is designed for the production of the enterprise. It is designed by the production transformation. The results are based on the needs of production as a means of livelihood and production as their own value. Take the packaging in reality, such as alcoholic liquor, Hongtashan cigarettes, these two packages, one for the container design, one for the packaging box design, after the production to the enterprise, the output exceeds tens of millions, several hundred billion, and wine and After cigarettes, the output value reached several hundred billion yuan. What is the value of this? If these design alternatives are not adopted, they are sealed up or used as wastepaper. From this, we can also see that the value of packaging design is not temporary and fixed. It has always been reflected in the production process and is consistent with the continuous production of the entire packaging. Measuring the value of a packaging design program cannot be simply spent. How much creative production time, how much consumables, etc. to measure, an excellent package, its economic value is inestimable.

V. From the point of view of market consumption, if the design plan determines production, then the public's consumer psychology and spending power will affect the duration of production and determine the size of the economic value that the design plan can ultimately bring.

Consumption is the ultimate link in the economy. Production creates material information, including cultural and artistic materials in the form of materials. It is distributed from circulation to all aspects of society. It is then consumed in the process of satisfying material and cultural life, and consumption determines production and markets. From a market economy, what the consumer needs to produce is what the market will buy and sell, so that the economy will have vigor and will have economic benefits. Designers must very seriously understand and apply this truth and firmly grasp it in design. Live this truth. Perhaps, some people may think that this truth is only suitable for product design, and it does not matter for packaging design. In essence, packaging design and product design are two aspects to consumers in a certain sense. As mentioned above, under the market economy conditions, in the face of many brands of products, consumers choose what kind of brand, packaging plays a significant role, so when designing packaging designers, in addition to fully understand the characteristics of the packaged goods, In addition to quality, we should in-depth study of consumption, find out the structure of consumption, find out the laws of development and change, and strive to grasp the consumer psychology of all social strata, and use and influence this psychology. in particular,

The effective design is nothing more than three aspects

The first is to make the design the most stable design;

The second is to make the design a vacant consumer;

The third is to make design an upcoming consumption. In short, we should regard consumption as the driving force of packaging design, environment and conditions as a source of design inspiration and a bridge to success. Only in this way, packaging design can promote the sales of enterprise products, in order to create more added value for the company.

At present, China's economy and design are in the process of rapid development. The role of packaging design in the national economy is increasingly important. The packaging industry of China's packaging industry in 2002 ranked in the ranking of the major industries of the national economy from the 37th in the 1980s to the 14th, which fully shows that China’s packaging design workers are fully It recognizes its economic attributes. However, we should also realize that compared with the packaging design of developed countries, there is still a considerable gap in our packaging design. Although this gap is related to the history of domestic packaging design, it is also related to people’s understanding of design. Attaching importance to being closely linked, one of the tasks placed before our packaging designers and even the design interface is to create outstanding designs that allow the market to educate entrepreneurs and even all citizens to learn and respect design.

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