KALIX Launches New Packaging Carton Machine KP600

As the world's leading manufacturer of filling and cartoning machines, KALIX introduced new cartoning machines to the market.

This new type of cartoning machine is an improved version of the original KPS model. This machine adopts the latest technology to increase the production efficiency. The maximum production speed can reach 60 cases/minute. All the mechanical parts of the model have been reinforced (the suspension of cantilever beams and slide rails, etc.), especially in the carton sealing position. The KP600 has added a station to KPS to push the product into the paper. Box and carton seals are performed at two stations. Various options can be installed on the KP600, such as inkjet printing, thermal printing, hot melt adhesives, batch number camera monitoring, barcode identification, and more. In addition, manual folding, transfer devices, etc. can be installed according to customer's needs. The opening of the KP600 model's upper paper cassette is an active action. The movement between the paper cassette and the conveyor belt is synchronized and there is no relative movement. This maximizes the protection of the carton surface and avoids scratches on the carton surface. The KP600 cartoner specifications are quick to replace, and the replacement time is approximately 10 minutes.

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