Functional corrugated board types and processing (on)

In some commodity packaging, corrugated boxes are required to have waterproof, rust-proof, freshness-preserving, flame-retardant and other properties, which are not available in ordinary corrugated cardboard, and therefore require further processing.

Waterproof corrugated cardboard

In a high temperature environment, the moisture content of the product package or the product itself is too high, such as the use of ordinary corrugated cardboard boxes will reduce the compressive strength of the carton. According to the use requirements, different methods can be used to improve the waterproof performance of corrugated board, mainly hydrophobic corrugated cardboard and water-resistant corrugated cardboard.

1, hydrophobic corrugated cardboard

Also known as water repellent corrugated cardboard. When exposed to water for a short time, the surface of the paperboard is processed so that the water splashes out as water droplets to prevent water from penetrating into the interior of the paperboard.

(1) Hydrophobic board processing method

The processing method of general hydrophobic corrugated paperboard is to perform coating processing. Commonly used coatings include paraffin, silicone, and varnish. The varnish has low viscosity and good permeability, but too much penetration into the paper will reduce the hydrophobic effect. Therefore, it is better to brush a starch slurry on the surface of the cardboard before painting the varnish. In addition, the addition of a suitable amount of water-resistant additives, such as urea-formaldehyde resin, melamine-formaldehyde resin, and polyvinyl butyral, can improve the water resistance of the coating. During processing, the waterproof coating can be applied directly to the surface of the corrugated cardboard, and paraffin can be applied to both surfaces of the corrugated cardboard during the production process. The corrugated core is spray coated, so that a corrugated cardboard with higher hydrophobicity can be obtained. The patent name is M/R corrugated cardboard.

(2) Use of hydrophobic corrugated cardboard

Hydrophobic corrugated paperboard is suitable for packaging dry powdered articles, especially powders that are easy to agglomerate after absorbing water. It is also suitable for packaging goods that often enter and exit the cold storage. After being taken out of a cold storage, it is easy to form condensation on the wall of the box. Common corrugated cardboard will absorb quickly. The reduction in compressive strength causes the carton to withstand the stacking pressure and crush. The hydrophobically processed cardboard will not significantly reduce the compressive strength before dew evaporation, and can effectively protect the goods.

2, water-blocking corrugated cardboard

Also known as waterproof or waterproof corrugated cardboard. Its surface is in contact with water for a long time and is almost impermeable to water. However, it cannot be immersed in water, otherwise it will lose its waterproof performance. The result is similar to ordinary corrugated cardboard, which is mainly related to its processing technology.

(1) Water-blocking corrugated board processing method

Water-blocking corrugated paperboard is commonly used curtain coating method, that is to say the molten synthetic resin or paraffin mixture flows from the hopper mouth into a film-like shape and is coated on a horizontally running corrugated cardboard. The surface of the paperboard is formed with a resin film or a wax film. Good water retention performance. If necessary, cover the membrane once again on the other side to obtain double-sided waterproof performance.

(2) Use of water-blocking corrugated cardboard

Water-blocking corrugated cardboard is used for packaging salted products, frozen foods, and fruit and vegetable products. Because corrugated cardboard has a soft paraffin layer, it is also suitable for high-gloss finish furniture, pianos, safes and precision machines. .

3, water-resistant corrugated cardboard

The corrugated board with its strength not significantly reduced after being soaked in water for a long time is called a water-resistant corrugated board, and its processing principle is similar to the impregnation processing.

(1) Immersion solution

Paraffin or neoprene synthetic rubber, polyphenylene butadiene, chloroprene, polyhydrosiloxane, chromium difluoroacetate, etc.

(2) Immersion wax

The automatic paper feeding machine continuously feeds the corrugated board into a paraffin wax dipping tank at a temperature of 90 to 100° C. The dipping time is 5 to 10 s. The adjustment is performed according to the amount of paperboard and the number of layers, so that the wax liquid penetrates the corrugated paperboard as a degree.

(3) Heat drying

The corrugated cardboard removed from the wax bath removes the excess wax and is then slowly moved in a hot oven at 110-130°C, further allowing the wax liquid to penetrate the inside of the paperboard while allowing the excess wax liquid to flow away.

(4) Cooling

The dipping wax paperboard removed from the hot air chamber is forced to cool at room temperature to solidify the wax liquid. After the above processing, the corrugated board has good water resistance. The instrument can be used to measure its water resistance. The so-called water resistance is to corrugated board into the water (20 ± 2 °C tap water) 30mm, soak 1h, and then test its burst strength and side pressure strength, the required residual strength is not less than the standard strength (before water) 75%. Water-resistant corrugated cartons are used for the shipment of live fish, seafood and very high moisture content products. The waterproof corrugated paperboard not only has good waterproof and moisture resistance, but also has improved compressive strength.
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