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The second session of ISPO CHINA 2006 was opened on March 13, 2006 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Chairman of the International Nordic Walking Federation Adi, Director of the National Sports General Administration Institute of the Nordic Walking Promotion Center Yao Xinxin, Deputy General Manager of the Beijing Daxing Times Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. of the Nordic Walking Agent Promotion Unit, visited the ISPO exhibition, demonstrating Nordic walking, and explaining the charm of the EXEL walking stick fitness. .

According to reports, Nordic Walking, also known as "nordic walking," originated in the ski sport. This is a summer training method for skiers. In 1997, Finnish company EXEL transformed the ski poles into walking sticks suitable for people to walk and climb, and together with the Finnish Leisure Association and the Finnish Sports Sciences Institute jointly launched a walking exercise using two walking sticks - Nordic walking.

In 2000, the International Association of Nordic Walking (INWA) was established in Helsinki, Finland. At present, nearly 30 countries around the world have been engaged in Nordic walking. The population that has undergone at least one exercise once a week has grown to 5.5 million. It has become the world's fastest-growing and fitness-best public fitness entertainment program.

In 2003, the Institute of Sport Science of the State Sports General Administration took the lead in introducing the Nordic walking movement to China, and set up a Nordic Walking Promotion Center to begin the trial. From 2003 to the present, the National Association of Sports Directorate of Social Sports and the National Association of Sport Sciences Institute of Sport International Scientific and Technical Association of the National Nordic Walking Federation have conducted coach training courses in China for many times, training many Nordic walking instructors for China, and coaches throughout Beijing. In Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hunan, Yunnan, Anhui, and Jiangxi, the Nordic walking movement in China has developed rapidly.

This kind of exercise using two walking sticks can increase the fitness effect by 30-40%. It is more effective than walking and safer than jogging. It is an upgraded version of walking. It protects the knee joints and solves the problems of mountaineering and fitness for the transitional wear of lower limb joints. It has become a revolution in mountaineering fitness. In the short span of three years, more and more people in the park, among mountaineers, have seen, participated in, and recognized Nordic walking as a fun and useful new sport.

The Finnish EXEL company's Nordic walking sticks adhering to the excellent quality of EXEL ski poles. EXEL ski poles won 56 medals in the Turin Winter Olympics, including 17 gold medals, 21 silver medals, and 18 bronze medals, becoming the ski poles of the Olympic champion.

Due to the outstanding fitness effects of Nordic Walking and the outstanding technical research level of EXEL, the Sports Research Institute of the General Administration of Sport of China and the Finnish EXEL have established a joint venture “Nordic Sporting Goods (Beijing) Co., Ltd.” and used the EXLE walking stick as the State Sports General Administration’s sports. Scientific Institute recommended products.

It is reported that in order to better promote the promotion of Nordic walking, the State Sports General Administration’s Social Sports Guidance Center and the Sports Science Research Institute in Beijing’s prestigious era of sports and cultural communication companies plan to use 4 to 5 centers or tourist cities in China as a pilot to promote this year. Organize a large-scale Nordic Walking series promotion campaign focusing on “Health and Science Fitness”. At that time, national and local leaders, celebrities of the sports and business circles, and people from all walks of life will be invited to participate in the experience of the unique charm and fun of this sport.

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