CorelDraw some common tips and experiences

1, paragraph text to curve, you can use the filter to freeze or output wmf format to achieve, but there are a lot of plug-ins, you can directly fight +Q to achieve, so all methods are not as good as the plug-in (10.0 the following version ).

2, hold down the alt key to directly select the contents of the following layer, and while holding down the alt key, you can like the AI, the box selection contact selection, and AI.

3, when accurately cropping images, many people will encounter the image placed in the box automatically centered, in fact, ctrl + J?? In the inside to find an "image clipping automatically centered" to remove the hook, can be original Bit trimming images, this is similar to the AI ​​mask.

4, CDR search function and replacement is very powerful, it is recommended that you use more, will give you save a lot of time.

5, press the space bar to switch back and forth between the selection tool and the tool you just used. It is time to use it. It saves time.

6. When the CDR has all errors, such as: the panel can not be found, the entire panel is in disorder, or the tool fails, the internal files are lost, you can press and hold the F8 key to restore the CD to everything during installation.

7, CDR's color management, many people complain about the color of the CD is not as true as the PS and AI, indeed CD in this area is not as good as the first two, but I only tried in the CD11, there is a color management inside , well-defined, can achieve the same display color as AI.

8, open the issue of high version 9? In fact, CD high version can completely open the low version of the content, but CD9 exception, you can use the patch and plug-in to achieve the CD9 generated standard .CDR file, but even so, sometimes The text will also be confused.

9, cdr on the MAC, many people complain about the poor performance of the CDR on the MAC, in fact, this is no way is that the CDR is simply developed for the PC, on the MAC, corel company has given up the CD12.

10, CDR can be automatically imposed, in the print preview, you can do some simple.

11, text strokes, In fact, the method is very simple, right-colored him, in the properties panel, a hook, not let his strokes occupy the position of the text.

12, word to cdr winxp can be installed -RIP virtual printer, printed as a .png file, and then to cdr in the selected placement, when placed there is an option to select the curve, but pay attention, in the word bold The word, to the cdr may not be very good, there is a way to install a professional version of ac7 word print pdf format file, I only tried to get pdf file in cd12, cd9 is not successful.

13, editing bar code bar code entered in cdr many people will not edit him, in fact, as long as the copy, selective paste, there is a multi-paste so you can explain the group, to edit him but pay attention, if you do print Yes, now the bar code is four-color, you want to change him to k100.

14, bitmap to vector, when installing cdr, you can install an attachment, CorelTRACE, then in the cdr directly on the bitmap, right click, there will be a description of the dot matrix out, so you can easily enter the CorelTRACE interface, Convert bitmaps to vector graphics.

15, ctrl + j which can change the way the cdr and ai, the mouse can drag in the box without affecting the frame, you can press the alt key to select objects.


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