Ceramic flower color screen printing features

1. Due to the opacity of the porcelain ink pigments, most ceramic paper screen printing uses spot color alignment printing. Therefore, the color separation adopts spot colors to directly separate out the number of colors on the original. The spot color separation is binary, and the color is decomposed according to the color phase and depth, and the 256 colors on the pattern can be used for 8 bits (8 bits) of the color separation software. The function of expressing the color of a color image file is merged into the number of colors of the printed color. Take a picture and make spot color screen printing proofing.

2. The inorganic metal oxide used for the colorant in porcelain ink is coarse and is colored after high temperature (750~l300°C).

3. The porcelain ink has a lot of hue and the formula is more complicated than ordinary color printing.

4. After the ceramic flower paper is printed, it is only a semi-finished product, so the inspection standard for qualified flower paper is:

The paste is affixed on the porcelain to show the true color after being roasted at high temperature, so the formula of the porcelain ink on the decal should be determined according to the coloring condition after roasting;

Does each tone level and color realistically reproduce the manuscripts;

Whether the amount of lead, cadmium, etc. released from hazardous metals meets international standards (US PDA export standards).

5. In the production, the color sequence should be selected based on the color reproduction, that is, the color effect after the final firing, so as to reflect the main color tone on the screen.

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