Enamel metal substrate surface printing

For manufacturing hybrid integrated circuits, 96% aluminum oxide ceramic substrates are generally used. According to the special requirements of users, to produce large-scale, high-power, and complex circuit shape of the substrate, we choose the enamel metal substrate, which has high thermal conductivity, and has a certain degree of toughness, to overcome the brittleness of the ceramic substrate, to meet the user Repeatedly repeated insertion of the circuit is not easy to break the requirements.

Due to the unstable quality of the enamel metal substrate produced in the country, the substrate warping, the uneven thickness of the enamel layer, the high-temperature sintering deformation, the glaze layer cracking and other shortcomings, it is very difficult for the circuit printing process. After repeated experiments, the following problems have been solved:

1. The positioning problem of enamel metal substrates in the printing process.

Due to the poor flatness of the domestic enamel metal substrate used, the original vacuum suction cup cannot be used in the printing process. The use of vacuum rubber sheet to improve the worktable, the substrate will not slide on the rubber, plus vacuum suction positioning, so that the substrate can be fixed on the printing table, in the feeding and printing process will not produce displacement, ensure the Print repeatability and alignment consistency.

2. Improvement of Sintering Process for Enamel Metal Substrates

The surface coating of the domestic enamel metal substrate is not uniform. During the sintering process, the internal stress causes the enamel surface to crack and affect the insulation of the enamel. The internal stress generated during the shearing process of the inner stainless steel sheet of the substrate causes the substrate to warp after sintering. During the high-temperature sintering process, the enamel softens and sticks. In response to these conditions, we made corresponding adjustments to the original sintering curve to meet the requirements of the enamel metal substrate for the sintering process.

3. Matching issues between metal conductive pastes and enamel metal substrates.

For printing large area conductors on enamel metal substrates, the matching of the conductor paste to the substrate is important. Otherwise, after the sintering is completed, the conductor and the substrate will be peeled off. According to the sintering temperature requirements of the enamel metal substrate, a suitable conductor paste is selected to form a high-strength bond between the substrate and the conductor. The adhesion test result is that the vertical pull force is greater than 60 Newtons on a conductor area of ​​2×2 mm 2 . Meet the performance requirements of the conductor material.

The above problems are basically solved in a large number of experiments, meet the design requirements, and have entered the stage of mass production.

Author: Pan Yu

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