The most cost-effective sleeve design for Cremoso Yogurt

Molkerei Gropper's Cremoso yoghurt is available in four different flavors – cherry plus vanilla, orange, apple plus mango and strawberry flavors. Currently, the products have been listed in Germany, Italy, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Due to geographical differences, product information needs to be identified in multiple languages.

Decorative Sleeves has designed a sleeve label for the product. The set of labels can cover the entire bottle, and there is enough space on the back of the bottle to contain all the information in different languages ​​without sacrificing the overall decorative effect. Equally important is the ability to aggregate multiple languages ​​on a single label, which minimizes design costs.

This eye-catching sleeve is printed on PVC in nine colors. The fruit pattern on the label is even more beautiful. The different colors set off the low fat content of the product to distinguish four different flavors.

Yogurt filling is done on a new Krones assembly line. This line is combined with an automatic labeling machine to allow four flavors of yogurt to be filled and labelled at the same time, maximizing production efficiency.

"The sleeves used in the Cremoso range of yoghurt not only enhance the brand image and increase shelf visibility, but also include all necessary information."

Dietmar Schulte, Marketing Manager at Molkerei Gropper, commented. “We have always had a good relationship with Decorative Sleeves. The company’s new sleeve label maintains its consistent high quality style and fully meets our expectations.”

Reprinted from: China Packaging Industry

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