New MOTOROLA E6 Mobile Phone Case

   Main material: 250 grams of gray white paper +115g core +175g noodle paper processing process: printing, film, screen, crepe paper, die-cutting overall processing process is simple, easy to achieve, design with black and yellow collocation, at the same time The surface is modified with a silk screen process to enhance the brightness and decorative feel. Yellow is an enlarged color, it is prominent in the environmental field of vision, and black is used as a foiling effect. The solemn calm black is accompanied by lively yellow, and the whole is true and free and easy. Judging from the silhouette of Jay on the box, it can also be seen that the consumer of this mobile phone positioning is fashionable young people.

Advantages: The biggest advantage of this product is the integrated design, which replaces the original components such as the pulp inner tray used in the MOTO series. The length of the entire box × width × height is only 20 × 13.8 × 5.5cm size, the inside contains mobile phones, brochures, chargers, etc., this design is almost half the size of the original phone box, from the cost of the original product of the same kind of savings of at least 20 %the above. The whole box adopts a one-piece design and is manufactured using F-type. The surface of the product is more smooth, smooth and light. The box can be completely unfolded into a flat surface. The whole box does not have any sticking point and is completely completed by plugging. Therefore, the gluing process is reduced, and not only the production efficiency can be effectively improved, but also the quantity of unit volume transported in the process of transporting the container to the customer is larger, about 3,000 per cubic meter, and the transportation cost is effectively saved.
Disadvantages: Due to the fact that the printing area is black on the ground, the dusting process is used to prevent the printed material from getting dirty. However, when the film is coated, the adhesive does not adhere to the ink layer in every place, but binds with these powders to form a false glue. The phenomenon seriously affects the quality of the coating. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the dusting amount in the production process and the dusting before coating. Secondly, the printed ink layer is thick, which hinders the penetration and diffusion of the adhesive, making it difficult for the printed matter and the plastic film to be bonded and prone to delamination and blistering. In particular, this product also requires a crepe paper process. If the moisture is not sufficiently volatilized after the crepe finish, it will be die-cut, and it will easily cause filming.

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  PU is an artificial leather with the main advantages of long service life, good oil resistance and waterproof. This material looks very similar to cowhide material, looks high-grade, and is relatively easy to care for, and the price is lower. PU Luggage: the built-in drawbar is made of high-purity aluminum alloy for high strength. Wheel: It is made of high-strength and hardness PC material, which absorbs sound and has strong wear resistance.
The inner lining is treated with PA coating and is waterproof and breathable. In particular, the shock absorber trolley case is better, and the built-in shock absorber is made of PBT car gear material, which is light in weight and high in hardness.

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