New technology exchange: detailed explanation of the whole process of vegetable paper processing

Vegetable paper is first processed into a paste of fresh vegetables, and then added appropriate seasonings and adhesives, and then dried and rolled. Its shape and size are similar to an ordinary business card. When you eat, you can stack two or three types of vegetables with different colors. This food not only retains the flavor and nutrient content of the raw materials, but also has the characteristics of low sugar, low sodium, low fat, and low calorie. It is crispy and delicious, with unique flavor and is very popular with consumers. Its processing method is:

The choice of raw materials used fresh and non-aging, no decay, spoilage and pesticide-free spinach and carrots.

Divide the leafy vegetables such as spinach into pieces of about 10 mm, and store the stem leaves separately; cut root vegetables such as carrots into small pieces of about 10 × 10 mm.

Softening and cooling will put the leafy stem in boiling water for 2 minutes, blanched for half a minute, quickly remove and cool in cold water; put the root vegetables in boiling water for 4 minutes, quickly remove cold water Cooling.

The spices were uniformly mixed with minced vegetables according to the ratio of 0.4% sodium alginate and 0.8% of baking powder.

Grinding homogenization uses colloids for two grindings, namely rough grinding and fine grinding, so that the product particle size reaches about 200 mesh. A variety of additives to mix thoroughly to ensure the delicate taste of the product, the entrance that is.

Apply baking Remove the oven baffle, pour about 1.5 kg of paste and spread it to a thickness of about 2 mm. The coated separator is immediately baked into the oven to prevent contamination and discoloration. The leafy vegetables were baked at 75°C for about 20 minutes, and the root vegetables were baked at 65°C for about 30 minutes to remove the paper.

Seasoning mix potassium sorbate, nucleotides, soy sauce, white sugar, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, etc., and evenly spray on the surface of vegetable paper, and then press and bake.

After packaging and drying, the product is packed in a composite bag and vacuum sealed. It is best to put a small bag of desiccant in the bag so that the product can be stored at room temperature for 6 months without softness and the color remains normal.

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