More than ten pieces of rosewood furniture were suspected from Yuanmingyuan

Nearly 60 pieces of China's top classical furniture

Morning News (Chairman Yang Yufeng) The largest and highest-level Chinese classical furniture exhibition has been opened at the China Millennium Monument. Nearly 60 pieces of Chinese classical furniture are private collections from all over the world. More than a dozen pieces of rosewood furniture are suspected. The Yuanmingyuan River flowed out. The exhibition will end on February 12.

This exhibition is called “Shengshi Yaji – 2008 China Classical Furniture Exhibition”. Among the more than 30 pieces of Qing Palace rosewood furniture exhibited, there are more than a dozen pieces carved with western patterns, which may be the furnishings in Yuanmingyuan. The unfortunate historical events shed the palace, survived the historical turmoil and the vicissitudes of life, and fell to the rest of the world. Finally, it was fortunate to be collected and preserved by the acquaintances. One of the rosewoods has a arhat bed of Passionflower Bogutu, 94.5 cm high, 247 cm wide and 175 cm deep. The carvings are a combination of Chinese and Western styles. The bed is shoveled with high relief Bogutu, drums and Pengya. The western rococo style Passionflower pattern is the same as the carving pattern of the European Palace and the jade railing in Changmingyuan. The experts believe that it should be the furniture in a European-style building in Changchun Garden.

In the exhibit, there is another case of Minghuanghuali Sanchaxiang Yuntou Dental Plane, which is 83 cm high, 221.5 cm wide and 55 cm deep. The table top is decorated with a single board, the table top is covered with numb lacquer, and the leg shackles are constructed with a “hook pad 榫” structure. The production process of this case has been thoroughly ignited and preserved in good condition, which is rare in the handed down Ming style furniture. Boutique.

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