What kind of activated carbon can more effectively adsorb formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases?

Activated carbon is a kind of carbon product which has high-quality anthracite, charcoal or various kinds of husks as raw materials and processed through special processes by physical or chemical methods. It has a developed pore structure and specific surface area. It has a strong adsorption capacity, so it is widely used in industrial and civil fields such as air purification, anti-virus protection, water treatment, solvent decolorization. In recent years, with the gradual understanding of activated carbon, the activated carbon market has also developed rapidly. However, at the same time of development, various inferior activated carbon products have also entered the market, seriously affecting the normal development of the activated carbon market and causing consumers Bad consequences. In order to allow consumers to choose products that are safe, here is a brief explanation on how to choose high-quality activated carbon.

Although activated carbon can have many varieties in terms of appearance and use, activated carbon has a common characteristic, that is, "adsorption". The reason why activated carbon produces adsorption is because it has a developed pore structure. Like the sponge we see, under the same weight conditions, the sponge can absorb more water than other objects, because it is developed. Pore ​​Structure. However, this pore structure of activated carbon is invisible to the naked eye because they are only between 1 x 10-12 mm and 10-5 mm, which is not much larger than a molecule. The degree of development of activated carbon pores is unimaginable. If 1 gram of activated carbon is taken, all the pore walls inside will be expanded into a plane, and the area will reach 1000 square meters (the specific surface area is 1000g/m2)! The main factors affecting the adsorption of activated carbon depend on the degree of development of the internal pore structure.

In the production process, the only way to improve the adsorption performance of activated carbon is to control the production process, so as to increase the pore structure of activated carbon as much as possible within the unit volume. Therefore, the higher the adsorptivity of activated carbon, due to the large amount of pores, makes its own density become smaller and smaller, which is why the better the adsorption, the lighter the feel of activated carbon (provided that the same raw material is used, no dip Passing water or adsorbing other substances). At the same time, with the increase of adsorption, the production cost of activated carbon is higher, and it is increasing in geometric progression. In order to unify the standard and control the production, in the activated carbon industry, the adsorption value of activated carbon is usually calibrated by iodine adsorption value or carbon tetrachloride adsorption value (CTC). The higher the adsorption value, the stronger the adsorption capacity of activated carbon.

With the above points in mind, it is not difficult to judge whether the performance of activated carbon is good or bad. The higher the adsorption value, the better the performance of the activated carbon. So how do you easily identify the adsorption value of activated carbon without the detection equipment? Here are a few easy ways to refer to.

1, look at the manufacturers. The main adsorption indexes of activated carbon are: iodine adsorption value, carbon tetrachloride (CTC) adsorption value, methylene blue adsorption value, iodine adsorption value used to indicate the adsorption capacity of activated carbon for liquid substances, and carbon tetrachloride adsorption value is used to indicate The adsorption capacity of activated carbon for gaseous substances, the methylene blue adsorption value is used to indicate the decolorization ability of activated carbon. The higher the three indexes, the stronger the adsorption capacity of activated carbon. Therefore, when purchasing activated carbon, everyone can see whether it is a professional-purpose activated carbon provided by a manufacturer specializing in the production of activated carbon according to their own use.

2, look at the volume: In order to improve the adsorption performance of activated carbon, only the pore structure can be made on activated carbon as much as possible. The more pores, the more loose the activated carbon, the lighter the relative density will be, so the good activated carbon will be lighter. In the case of the same weight package, the performance of the activated carbon will be much larger than the inferior activated carbon. At the same time, it is easy to form a black powder because of the friction between the carbon particles.

3. Look at the bubbles. A small amount of activated carbon is put into the water. Due to the penetration of water, the water will gradually immerse into the pore structure of the activated carbon, forcing the air in the pores to be discharged, thereby generating a series of extremely fine bubbles, pulling out a small bubble line in the water. At the same time, it will make a sound of bubbles, which is very interesting. The more intense this phenomenon occurs, the longer the duration, the better the adsorption of activated carbon.

4, see the ability to decolorize. Another manifestation of the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is the ability to decolorize. Activated carbon has the magical ability to turn colored liquids into light or colorless. This is actually because activated carbon adsorbs pigment molecules in colored liquids. Because of this characteristic of activated carbon, it is widely used in the production process of brown sugar to white sugar in the sugar industry. Take two transparent cups, put pure water in one cup, and then drop a drop of red ink (you can use any kind of pigment that is easy to observe but does not change the nature of the water, such as blue ink, printer color ink, However, you cannot use ink and carbon ink. After mixing, pour half of the colored water into another cup for comparison. Put the activated carbon into the colored water, the amount should reach half or more of the water, so the effect will be more obvious. After standing for 10-20 minutes, it is compared with the comparative water sample. Under the same conditions, the stronger the decolorization effect is, the adsorption of activated carbon is indicated. The better.

5, look at the packaging. It is best to seal the package, because the organic macromolecular substances are more or less permeated in the air, especially in the storage cabinets in the newly renovated shops or homes, the concentration of phenolic substances is very large, these substances will Adsorbed by activated carbon, accumulated over time, the adsorption performance of activated carbon will be reduced or even impossible to use due to the adsorption of these substances. Therefore, the more activated carbon with higher adsorption value, the more sealed packaging should be used to prevent the performance of activated carbon from being disturbed by the outside.

National Standard: Activated Carbon for Purifying Air: GB/T7701-5-1997

High adsorption value activated carbon: GB/T7701-7-1997

Special reminder: To know that in China's activated carbon market, there are activated carbon made of various materials, mainly high-quality anthracite activated carbon, charcoal or various shells. Among them, coal-based activated carbon is mainly known as Ningxia Taixi anthracite. It is a high-quality, high-adsorption activated carbon. It is exported to all parts of the world and is used in various fields, mainly for purifying air, anti-virus protection, water treatment and so on. The shell activated carbon produced in the south is used for decolorization or industrial fading in the fields of diet and the like because of its low gray powder. Bamboo carbon activated carbon produced in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces has limited application areas due to its low degree of activation.

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