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McKinley Peak

Mount Mckinley (6,194 meters above sea level) is the highest peak in North America. The local Indians are called Denali. Denali's meaning in the Indian language is "The House of the Sun." It is the first to invade the North American mainland. The Eskimos or Indians follow their long name. In 1800, it was named after the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley. McKinley Peak is located in the Denali National Park and Game Reserve in central and southern Alaska. It is the mid-range mountain of the Alaska Mountains. The structure is a Pacific Edge Mountain Belt. It formed at the end of the Jurassic in the Nevada Mountain Mt. McKinley Mountain Scenery. A huge anticline folded granite block hill, steep mountains, two north and south peaks, Nanfeng is the highest peak in North America, 6193 meters above sea level, the north peak is 5934 meters high. The south peak is relatively high and the mountains are steep. Nearly two thirds of the mountains are covered with snow all year round. Large-scale modern glaciers have been developed, some of which are 48 kilometers in length. They are mainly glaciers such as Katherine Turner and Ruth. There are more precipitation on the southern slope of the mountainous area. The maximum forest area is 762 meters and there are vegetations such as fir trees and birch forests. The north slope has less precipitation and the snow line height is 1,830 meters. Snow peaks, glaciers reflect each other, and green trees form beautiful scenery. McKinley is a gathering place for world climbers.

Climbing season

McKinley's best climbing season is from May to July each year, with an average climbing period of 18 days. McKinley’s terrain is steep and the climate is cold. From the 3rd camp, crampons and hail must be used. Since the mountain is near the Arctic Circle, although the peak is only 6194 meters, the surrounding landscape resembles the Arctic. Layers of ice cover cover the mountains, and numerous glaciers and rivers sometimes reach wind speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. Here, when the coldest temperatures in winter are below -50°C, explorers need to endure extremely low temperatures, strong winds and prolonged snow and ice trekking. McKinley’s terrain is steep and the climate is cold. The relative height from the base camp to the summit is 4,000 meters, which exceeds Mount Everest.

McKinley Peak

McGinley climbs a brief history:

The first record of Mount McKinley was in 1794. When the British navigator George Keankeva sailed along the Alaskan coast, he discovered this "great snow-capped mountain" on the northern horizon. This is her initial record.

People who came to explore Alaska in 1896 gave her new name. William Dick of the expedition identified her as the highest peak in the North American continent. He named this mountain after the name of William McKinley who will be elected president of the United States. It was named because the first news that William Dick heard in the deserted mountains was that William McKinley was elected as the new president.

In 1913, Hudson Stark led a five-person mountaineering team to summit McKinley for the first time. McKinley was in a remote location near the polar region of the Arctic, and it was difficult to get to McKinley's foot. After that, he had very few people on the summit.

It was not until 1951 that Bradford Wassborn opened a new route. This new route began with the Kahirtner Glacier and now it has become a traditional route to climb McKinley Peak. The new route pioneered by Bradford, West Baroux, is almost as significant as the first time he climbed McKinley, because this route has enabled many people to realize their dreams. The plane is also the first time to bring climbers from here. Transported to the base camp, the climbers were relieved of the long journey to reach the base camp. The Bradford route leads more amateur climbers to the peak of the mountain guide.

According to statistics, since 1903, more than 30,000 climbers have attempted to climb McKinley Peak. Half of them reached the top of the hill and 95 people were killed. One of the world’s leading explorers, the Japanese climber Shu Uemura, climbed the mountain in the winter of 1984. He died and became the 44th victim of Mount McKinley’s climb. He also followed Yamada, and many well-known mountaineers climbed their steps here. Since climbers generally stay in the mountains for 14 days to 18 days, and most climbers choose to climb in May or June, 95% of them choose to climb from the west, so a very small part of Mt. McKinley was forced to be very short. During the time, a large number of climbers were received and the mountain was left with garbage disposal problems. In order to ensure the safety of mountaineers and protect the mountain environment, since 2007, the National Park Service of the United States has decided to receive approximately 1,500 climbers each year to climb McKinley.

Chinese incomplete statistics on McKinley Peak (as of June 9, 2010)

Zhong Jianmin: In 1982, Wang Jinfeng peaked at McKinley Peak: In 1992, Mckinley Peak climbed to the summit: At the end of May 2002, he peaked at McGinley Liu Jian: At the end of May 2002, he peaked at McKinley Peak Wang Shi: 2002 At the end of May, summit McGinley's golden fly leopard: June 30, 2007, peaked McLean peak Wang Lei (female): in June 2007, summit McKinley peak

McKinley Camp and Traditional Route Introduction: (This section is provided by Shiloh)

1. Departure - Anchorage → Talkeetne

2. Talkeetne - Base Camp (2200 meters above sea level)

3. Base Camp - Camp 1 (3000 meters above sea level)

Camp No. 1 - Camp No. 2 (3400 meters above sea level)

Camp No. 2 - Camp No. 3 (4300 meters above sea level)

Camp No. 3, No. 3 - Camp No. 4 (4900 meters above sea level)

Camps No. 4 and No. 4 - Camp No. 5 (5200 meters above sea level)

Camp No.8 and No.5 - Peak (Elevation 6194m)

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