Anti-counterfeit inks - an essential anti-counterfeiting technology

Anti-counterfeit inks (UV fluorescent inks) have inks with anti-counterfeiting properties. Anti-counterfeiting ink is an extremely important anti-counterfeiting technology field. It has a wide range of applications and involves many disciplines. Anti-counterfeiting ink is a kind of special ink which is specially developed to add some special substances in the ink and has anti-counterfeiting function. It is used to print anti-counterfeiting printing products.

Anti-counterfeiting ink, as an ink with anti-counterfeiting function, is a special anti-counterfeiting material added to the ink binder and processed by special techniques. Through the application of different external conditions (mainly using light, heating, spectral detection, etc.) to observe the color change of ink samples in order to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. The invention has the advantages of simple implementation process, low cost, good concealment, vivid color, and convenient inspection, and is the most widely used anti-counterfeiting technology at present, involving banknotes, tickets, and product packaging.

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In the process of researching and developing magnetic writing board products, we have designed magnetic graffiti painting boards of  different themes  and created magnetic products that can cultivate children's living habits.Through the game form of painting and jigsaw ,enable children to learn good behavior habits and to know world.

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