Seven dangers hidden in the crib

[Chinese and foreign toys and gift nets] Is the baby's bed safe? Go check your baby's bed and see if the 7 traps mentioned below have been filled out?

Baby cot (data sheet)

Trap one: fence

Safety hazard: The baby's head bones are relatively soft. If the fence is too wide, it may happen that the baby's head is drilled in and trapped between the two fences.

Defensive preparation: When purchasing a crib, you can carry a ruler with you and measure the spacing of the guardrails of the crib to ensure that the interval between them is 4.5 cm to 6.5 cm.

TIPS: You can bring a Coke can to test when you buy, and the Coke cans should not pass through the railing.

Trap 2: Mattress

Safety hazard: The mattress of the suffocating, trapped crib is absolutely suitable for the size of the crib. A mattress that is too small is easy to move and may cause a gap in the bed. Excessive gaps can cause your baby's arms or legs to get inside. The baby's arms, legs and face are buried in a soft mat, which may cause trapped or even suffocation.

Defense preparation

1. Push the mattress to one end of the bed and check that the remaining gap is more than 4 cm. If you can still place two fingers between the mattress and the edge of the bed, this means the mattress is too small.

2. Regularly check the support system of the baby mattress. Any hooks that are not in the proper position must be repaired or replaced.

The hooks and bed plates supporting the mattress should be securely embedded in the grooves by the safety clips.

Note: The baby should not be placed on any soft surface. The water bed, the cloth bag containing the beans, the wrinkles and gaps of the soft and loose surface will keep the air around the baby's face and prevent the baby from breathing.

Trap three: rope

Safety hazards: straps that are tied and suffocated may entangle the baby's body. If you accidentally tie your neck, there is a danger of suffocation.

Defense preparation

1. If the baby's bed is bundled with a bumper, be careful that the straps that are bundled beyond the bumper should be cut short and cut to prevent the baby from chewing or being entangled.

2, toys, pneumatic accessories, pacifiers and bedding should also be checked to ensure that there is no longer than 18 cm long, the rope may suffocate the baby.

Note: Baby who can sit up, do not install bumpers on the bed.

Trap 4: pillows, blankets, bedding, etc.

Safety hazard: Although the soft bedding that hinders breathing and suffocation looks very comfortable, once the baby is hugged, it may block the head and affect breathing.

Defense preparation

1. Take the quilt, the pacifier and the big, soft pillow.

2, lay the sheets and flatten as much as possible, and put the sheets tightly on the mattress to avoid wrinkles and hinder the baby's breathing.

3, do not use the active plastic mattress cover or waterproof sheets, so as not to entangle the baby's head and cause the baby to suffocate.

4, sheets and blankets should be large enough to be stuffed into the mattress, but the bedding is not too tight, otherwise it will limit the baby's freedom of movement.

5, do not use the quilt before the baby is 1 year old.

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