UV tips

First, UV concept

UV is an abbreviation of ultraviolet (Ultra-Violet Ray). Industrial UV light source has a spectral range of 200nm-450nm.

UV A: 320-390nm

UV B: 280-320nm

UV C: less than 280nm

UV V: 390nm or more

Second, UV curing

UV curing is called UV Curing or UV Coating in English. UV curing is a photochemical reaction, that is, a liquid UV irradiation curable material is printed or coated onto a surface of a substrate or a workpiece and is hardened by UV light, and UV curing is performed. The traditional drying process is similar, but the principle is different. Traditional drying generally cures by volatilization of the solvent in the coating material, while the UV curing cross-linking is solvent-free.

Third, UV lamp

The UV lamp is a gas discharge lamp. The gas discharge lamp is divided into an arc discharge and a glow discharge. The UV lamp used in UV curing is an arc discharge lamp. Its working principle is: adding a quantitative high purity mercury (mercury) in a vacuum quartz tube. By providing a voltage difference (voltage drop) across the electrodes at both ends, an ion discharge is generated to generate ultraviolet radiation.

Fourth, the intensity of UV lamp

The intensity of the UV lamp depends on the power density of the UV lamp. The general specifications are:

80W/cm is 200W/inch

120W/cm is 300W/inch

160W/cm is 400W/inch

240W/cm is 600W/inch

Fifth, the choice of UV lamp

First, the required power density and required curing width are located. The calculation method is as follows:

Supporting UV lamp power (w) = power (w/cm) * curing width (cm)

Sixth, the choice of UV components

To ensure that the UV lamp works properly, the following elements must be ensured: A. Select the matching lighting power supply, the matching leakage magnetic transformer/capacitor must match the voltage/current required by the UV lamp, and the rated power/secondary voltage/loss of the leakage transformer The current/insulation coefficient/pressure resistance degree and the capacity of the capacitor/pressure resistance/number of flushable discharges directly determine the luminous efficiency/stability and life of the UV lamp; B. The matching fan must match the UV lamp power: Volume = 150 cubic meters / hour. KW * UV lamp power (KW), Note: You can not use the strong wind on the surface of the lamp air cooling, or the lamp surface temperature is too low will cause the lamp arc extinction lights. C. Choose the right Reflectors: The standard lamp shades custom-made for UV lamps on the market are generally divided into spotlights and parallel light shades.

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