Do the middle brand cabinet closet with the talent enterprise to achieve the brand way

Cabinets and wardrobe brands are all brands that come into contact with the final consumers. Branding is the best choice for cabinets and wardrobes. Because cabinets and wardrobes are integrated products, especially cabinets, which integrate five industries of electrical appliances, hardware, plates, chemicals (countertops) and decoration. Many enterprises in these industries are now behind-the-scenes heroes, who can go to the front desk and be consumed. There are very few people who know. The hardware brands can be recognized by the industry such as Blum, Hettich, Grasse, etc. The plates include Lushuihe, Aegis, etc., and DuPont Corian, Samsung, Huaxun, etc. Even these brands are mostly recognized and recommended by the industry, and there is almost no end consumer awareness.

If the brands of cabinets and wardrobes are to be branded, especially to make the brand aware of the mass consumers, it is to go out of the road of branding as an intermediate brand. The most successful brand case in the middle of the brand to make consumers aware, non-Intel processors. Other ZEISS lenses, such as cameras, Lycra fabrics in everyday clothing, etc., are successful intermediate brands, but the popularity of the public is not as high as Intel processors. The biggest inspiration for the success of the Intel brand for Chinese cabinets and wardrobes is that the intermediate products can make a very strong brand.

At present, the middle brand in the cabinet and wardrobe industry should be the best in the Blum hardware alumni. It is not only a leader in the industry, but also an intermediate product recommended by various cabinets and wardrobe companies. The terminal consumers have also gradually recognized the Blum brand. . The "Dynamic Space" of Blum Hardware Promotion (DYNAMICSPACE) - facing the consumer's kitchen solution, is relatively successful.

Cabinets and wardrobes should be made into a strong intermediate brand that is recognized by consumers. It is nothing more than "PUSH" and "PULL".

The strategy of "pushing" is to borrow the brand of cabinets and wardrobes, that is, when the cabinets and wardrobe brands make product recommendations to consumers at the terminal, they can recommend the brands of accessories (accessories) to consumers. As the saying goes, no benefit can not afford to be early. The premise of cabinets and wardrobe brands recommending accessories and accessories brands to consumers is that the brand of accessories and accessories can add gold and color to the face of their cabinets and wardrobe brands, which can help consumers finally pay for the bills. Supporting role. Otherwise, the cabinet and wardrobe business brands have no incentive to promote accessories and accessories. This requires the quality and brand of the material supplier to be highly recognized by the enterprises in the cabinet and wardrobe industry. To get the approval of the cabinet wardrobe brand enterprises, the timber companies should do the following:

First, quality is guaranteed, and quality is the foundation of the brand. There is no doubt about this, and it is not necessary to say that all the cabinets and wardrobe enterprises do not want to let their accessories and accessories quality problems provoke themselves.

Second, the product has selling points, especially the highlights that can impress consumers. For example, Blum's "vibrant space", the rookie in the sheet metal enterprise, Wanhua's zero-reality "hexiang board" that does not release formaldehyde, etc., are all prominent intermediate products.

Third, the supply should be sufficient and timely. Because the cabinets and wardrobe enterprises are all custom-made products, the sales volume of the products is fluctuating, and the sales are more difficult to predict. If they cannot be delivered in time and in sufficient quantities, the cabinets and wardrobe brands will lose sales in the terminal and the brand will be wiped out. Some of the ingredients companies are dead in the timely and sufficient supply, there are blood lessons here.

The fourth is to provide good pre-sale, sale and after-sales service to cabinets and wardrobe enterprises. This is better done by Blum Hardware. There are training go2map before sale, there is tracking in the sale, after-sales protection, so that the cabinet and wardrobe brand can be used and promoted with confidence.

The strategy of "pull" is to communicate directly with the end consumers and spread them through the mouth of consumers.

In the cabinet and wardrobe industry, the brand that can communicate directly with consumers is still the morning star. First, cabinets and wardrobes are more vulnerable. Compared with cabinets and wardrobe enterprises, marketing is weaker. I don’t know how to shape brands, how to communicate with consumers, and sometimes there is no basic brand marketing team. Second, direct communication with consumers, manufacturers need to invest a lot of money, many cabinets, wardrobe accessories brand has no determination and perseverance, to do large-scale brand communication, most of them are only in the industry magazines, industry exhibitions show face is good It is. When Guiren assisted the marketing consultancy in serving the stone enterprise Zhongqi Kailong, it planned a new brand image that communicated with consumers--"Shi Chaoren" image, communicated directly with the end consumers, and planned a A complete set of integrated marketing communications programs.

The European and American cabinets and wardrobe industry today may be the future of China's cabinets and wardrobe industry. In Europe, cabinets and wardrobe brands are sold under their own brands, and rarely go to the brand of intermediate products. There is a view in the industry that the future development trend of China's cabinet and wardrobe corporate brands is also to play its own terminal brand, and will no longer marry the middle-selling enterprises. This view, the author believes that it is debatable, the reasons are as follows: First, China's cabinets, wardrobe industry or emerging sunrise industry, to achieve industry maturity with Europe and the United States, there is still a long way to go;

Second, the Chinese market has the consumption characteristics of the Chinese market. Just like the VCD in the past, there was no market in foreign countries, but in China it was once infinite;

Third, many matching materials companies in cabinets and wardrobes, such as stone and hardware, the target market is not only the cabinet and wardrobe market, but also can be extended to many areas of home building materials. For example, stone enterprises can be extended to the sanitary industry, decoration industry, etc. The broadness of the target market has led these suppliers to be motivated to shape their own brands;

Fourth, many cabinets and timber companies, if they simply become the supporting suppliers of cabinets and wardrobe enterprises, do the "behind-the-scenes heroes" in obscurity. It is a lot of ambitious suppliers who are unwilling. After all, under the roof of others, others The days of the horse head are not very good. Without a terminal brand, it will eventually be subject to cabinets and wardrobe brands. In the game of manufacturers, it will ultimately be subject to people. These ambitious sourcing companies also have the motivation to shape their middle brands.

In summary, whether it is "push" or "pull", the final purpose of cabinets and wardrobes is to reach the consumer--that is, let the end consumers know their own brand, or even name the purchase. Their own brand, "forced" cabinets, wardrobe brands to recommend and promote their own brands, whether active or passive. In a word, the brand road of cabinets and wardrobes is still very long. It is also necessary to create more successful intermediate brands in other industries and learn more.

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