Waste bottles into piles of polluted environment that need to be managed

Yesterday in the Huaiyin City, Huaiyin District, Dingjizhen around the big turntable found that there are a number of waste collection stations in the recycling of used infusion bottles, these infusion bottles stacked together, from afar looks like a hill. The reporter then interviewed the residents around him. The most heard voice was: Will these bottles of medicine be scattered in their living environment and will not harm their health? For this reason, the reporter interviewed the Huai'an City Health Supervision Office. The supervisor of the supervision department of the four branches told the reporter that the used infusion bottle was not part of the contaminated medical waste. There was no special treatment required for the used bottle in the relevant regulations. However, it cannot be taken away, especially sold to scrap collection sites. If an unsterilized infusion bottle is processed into a food container, it will cause considerable food hygiene and safety hazards. Therefore, he suggests that the used infusion bottle still needs a unified point recovery.

At the right turn of the Ding Jizhen turntable toward the direction of Xiangyang, the reporter saw the accumulation of a large number of used vials in front of two households. The number of tens of thousands of bottles was used. The infusion bottles covered with plastic sheets were piled up. How high the two were, the words "ofloxacin sodium chloride injection" and "tinidazole injection" were printed on the box. In one of the collection points, some people in the hospital about 20 square meters were busy and there were people. Responsible for taking out the infusion bottle in the box, someone responsible for tearing the seal of the infusion bottle, and several women sitting on a stool to break the empty bottle. These shattered bottles gave off a syrup smell and attracted many flies. The reporter found that some infusion bottles contained a small amount of discolored residual medicine. According to Ms. Zhou, who is responsible for the recovery point, these infusion bottles come from large and small hospitals in Huai'an, as well as neighboring cities like Lianyungang and Suqian. They receive an average of 7 cents each, and they are crushed at around 260 yuan per ton. The price was sold to a glass factory in Xuzhou and it was rebuilt. As for the purpose of remaking, she would not talk about it. She also told reporters that there are three large collection points near her, such as her special collection of waste infusion bottles, and that there are more than 20 family-based small collection points doing the same business.


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