Practical furniture personality is beyond the imagination of the infinite space of alternative furniture

另类家具之长椅 Alternative furniture bench

Alternative furniture bench

The design of this bench is very interesting. It has a perforated structure that allows the back and the seat to be integrated into one and can be unfolded when needed. Moreover, since the interpenetrating structures are independent of each other, the size of the backrest can be adjusted as needed.

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The cooling time of special PP belt can adjust according to the customer's need, so that every PP belt packing can adhere perfectly.

If the devices of saving electricity can't pack continually and the motor will automatically stop revolving, reduce wear and increase the life of the machine after 60 seconds.

Using the most advanced PCB microchip circuit board to control, have low failure rate and easy to maintain.

Our product can heat easily without electric heating piece and improve work efficiency.

The control panel with the tape feed switch and cutting switch make the operation more convenient.

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