Makeup Newcomer Jin Baran drives straight into the Chinese makeup market

In recent years, the homogenization of skin care products has become more and more serious, and skin care products have gradually entered a era of meager profit. Japanese manufacturers want to find new breakthroughs in order to survive and develop in this difficult market environment. The development space of the makeup market is relatively large, which has also attracted many Japanese companies to enter the field of makeup. The Guangzhou Baiyai Cosmetics Co., Ltd. launched in August 2007 is born in the great environment of the makeup market. The Nordic style of Kim Baran makeup is very popular among local beauty lovers. It caused a huge sensation in the industry. As a brand new make-up brand, why does Kim Baran receive such a privilege and treatment? Here, we have the honor to interview Director Yang Youlin of Biying Company and ask him to analyze the mystery of Jin Baran's success with us.

Reporter: As a new make-up brand, Jin Ba Lan has been so popular with the market once it is on the market. It is definitely related to the connotation and historical background of the brand. Would you please introduce the background of Jimbaran first?

Director Yang Youlin (hereinafter referred to as Yang Zong): Jinbalan has strong scientific research strength behind it, and the headquarters has pushed the makeup market in recent years to strengthen the penetration of Chinese makeup. Kim Baran was born in this background. of. Jin Baran combines the Nordic style with the oriental fashion. With its artistic inspiration, natural texture and meticulous color, it creates a dazzling world that is deeply loved by women, and has won praises from the industry and consumers. Because of the high-end quality backing, coupled with the establishment of a large and effective sales network and the accumulation of advanced marketing concepts, Jin Ba Lan became a hit when it went public.

Reporter: As a new make-up, what is the brand characteristics of Jimbaran?

Mr. Yang: Jinbalan makeup products all use the natural raw materials of French plant farms, using high-tech technology to extract pigments, making the colors natural and pure. In order to adapt to the unique skin organization of the Orientals, the company headquarters is carefully built from the source to ensure the sustainability of the products. In addition to bringing beauty to the beauty of women, Jinbalan products can also provide vitamins for their skin, and are rich in plant essential oils such as rose oil, olive oil, mulberry oil and lavender to make the skin moist and soft and prevent skin. Dry, inhibit the growth of stains, and eliminate lead compounds. Let nature wrap the makeup, let the no trace slip through the face, release the brilliance of youth and show the charm of fashion. Every product of Jimbaran is condensed with a classic and trend. She is not only a product, but also a taste, a culture.

Reporter: There are also many makeup brands on the market. What is the most competitive advantage of Jin Baran compared with other make-up brands?

Mr. Yang: The core competitive advantage of Jin Ba Lan makeup is manifested in two aspects: The first is the core advantage of the brand. In the face of fierce competition in the Chinese cosmetics market, Paris Jimbaran has long foreseen that he did not dare to come to China. In order to better adapt to the market, Jin Ba Lan from brand design, brand introduction and management, market positioning and segmentation, market share preemption and defense, direct marketing means and indirect public communication strategy, experience marketing and channel management to talent management Starting from the aspects of product research and development, it has created a reliable brand image for dealers and consumers. The second is the product structure advantage. With the strong scientific research strength of L'Oréal, Jinblan makeup has never ceased to be innovative. , is well-known in the European and American markets in France. Jimbaran's four series of lips-centered products fully demonstrate the professionalism and perfection of Jimbaran makeup.

Reporter: It can be said that in recent years, not only skin care products are becoming more and more homogenous, but also because of the trend of branding. To some extent, the competition of brands is actually the competition of marketing strategies. Then, the marketing of Jimbaran What are the characteristics of the strategy?

Mr. Yang: The marketing slogan of Jin Ba Lan makeup is: work hard for Chinese women who own a lipstick! In order to fully adapt to various markets in China and meet the competitive situation of Jimbaran in the Chinese market, the headquarters will introduce more than 100 varieties in China, which are distributed in different market segments and demand orientations, and fully promote Jinbalan. China's balanced development. At the same time, the headquarters has fully positioned and cultivated the Jinbalan brand's scalability, connotation and compatibility, and has a complete set of detailed brand promotion layout plans.

Reporter: A brand must first attract partners to get a good promotion. What is Jin Baran most attractive to dealers? Or what is the profit model of Jimbaran?

Mr. Yang: Our advantage is reflected in the profit model. Good products must have a good market, but also have good partners. Therefore, how to make our partners make money and make profits is the first issue we must consider. The profit model of Jimbaran is like this: national uniform retail price, regular promotion activities, membership network to expand customer network, extensive cooperation with the media, theme promotion, special day price reduction or buy gifts, etc. These methods can effectively help cooperation. Stabilizing and expanding sales, these initiatives are attractive to partners.

Reporter: So, do you have special preferential policies for well-managed dealers?

Mr. Yang: Of course. We have a clear incentive policy for excellent distributors. The first will be a proportional rebate reward; secondly, for the first two agents in each agency area, the headquarters will report to the spear media, and will issue the Jimbaran Makeup · L'Oreal China Award, for the completion of the task and meet certain standards, The headquarters will give material rewards such as fashion parties, free travel, and car gifts. This is also a very important point for Jimbaran to attract dealers to participate in cooperation.

Reporter: I can see that Jin Baran’s development prospects in China are very optimistic. Can you share with us the development prospects of Jimbaran?

Mr. Yang: As China's GDP grows, the quality of Chinese consumers increases, and the life index increases, which will directly affect and promote changes in consumers' consumption outlook. In recent years, the Chinese makeup market has developed rapidly and presented a thriving scene. However, too high-end cosmetics can not achieve the mainstream consumer groups in China, so many makeup industry players have gradually introduced the price makeup that some consumers can afford. With the maturity of the consumer concept of consumption, the pursuit of fashion while paying more attention to the pursuit of taste and health. With its first-class product technology and differentiated price, Jin Ba Lan will undoubtedly become a dark horse in the Chinese makeup market. I am very confident about this point. In fact, the market feedback after the listing of Jimbaran also gave us such a signal.  

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