Summer 2011 home blowing simple wind

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the early summer of 2011, many renovation owners began to renovate the renovation, and the decoration market began to become active again. The trend of price increases in 2010 is heart-rending, so what is the trend of decoration in the summer of 2011? Which materials are saved and environmentally friendly?
Simple and fresh materials naturally
In today's advocacy of low-carbon environmental protection, natural materials have gradually become the darling.
There are no bright colors of logs, no excessive decoration, and the material is intrinsic, it is a healthy and fashionable choice. Another example is natural stone marble, granite, maple, eucalyptus, ash, etc. These materials are derived from nature and reflect the modern design concept of people-oriented and nature-based.
This kind of natural material, that is, individuality and green, has become the first push of many decorative companies to users, and it is also a dish of many 80-post decoration styles.
Door and window lines popular silver gray, white
The style of fashion is changing all the time. People's decoration style of door and window lines is also changing. In the past, people deliberately exaggerated and complicated the door and window sets to distinguish them from the walls. Fulinmen Wood believes that the current trend is : Try to conceal the door and window lines. First, the width is narrowed. The previous door and window sets are popular with uneven lines. The most popular one is the flat.
In terms of color, people used to buy black walnut and cherry wood to make finishes. After painting, the dark door and window sets are very eye-catching at home. Nowadays, most designers will design the door and window sets as white, and the cooler ones are silver-gray. Simply use ordinary plywood for the finish, and then paint the paint, which is cheap and modern.
Brick wall smashes cold face
In many people's hearts, ceramic tiles have always been a sparkling, cold-blooded image. He is white, but there is a feeling of refusing people thousands of miles away. It seems that a cool and beautiful beauty is hard to come by. But in this spring's home market, tiles are trying to change their faces, and they are trying to subvert the traditional image of people who are shining and cold in people's minds.
Nowadays, the use of the waistline by the brick designers is vivid, and the treatment of the brick surface with the imitation stone and the imitation wood makes the kitchen and bathroom of the main bricks better blend into the whole room. Not only makes the home environment more comfortable, but also makes the whole lively and natural.
Among the wall tiles in the spring bathroom, matt bricks account for a considerable proportion. Consumers prefer to embed matt tiles in bathrooms and bathrooms, and use light bricks in the kitchen. The reason is that the light bricks are relatively easy to care for, and are easier to clean in the kitchen; while the matt bricks have more room for the design of the brick surface, and the overall appearance is also elegant, suitable for bathroom decoration.
Sauna board for ceiling and paving
The trend of naturalism has always dominated the trend of home decoration. People want to enjoy the idyllic fun in their own homes, and many outdoor panels have begun to be indoors.
The outdoor anti-corrosion floor is laid on the balcony. The sauna board is used as the ceiling of the bathroom. It is laid on the floor of the bathroom, so that the bathroom which is originally paved with bricks and looks cold and blunt is surrounded by the wooden floor which was originally used as a sauna. Relaxed body and mind, natural pleasure.

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