The correct way to remove makeup

The makeup removal method is not correct and it is easy to damage the skin. Here are some correct makeup removal techniques for you.

Eye makeup remover

When applying makeup , the eyes are the most time-consuming place, and naturally, when removing makeup , naturally it is not sloppy. I am very tired during the day, how can I sleep with your eyes at night?

1, warm contact with the eyes! Let the cotton cover completely cover the eyelids with makeup, and after 15 seconds, gently wipe it 3 times from the inside out. If it is in the cold winter, it is best to soak the cotton sheet with warm water, and extend the coverage time appropriately.

2, the clearance of the upper eyelashes should be carefully cleaned, put the cotton film on the lower eyelids, close the eyes, when the upper eyelashes fall on the cotton film, use the cotton swab with makeup remover to carefully clean the residual makeup, especially the gap of the root of the eyelashes. Clean up.

3, to avoid makeup falling off the lower eyelids! When cleaning the lower eyelashes, place the cotton pads on the lower eyelids. Be careful not to let the cotton swabs with makeup make up to the lower eyelids. Otherwise, the time is long, and the pigmentation is much more, and it is easy to form dark circles.

4, take a break and then apply eye cream! After thoroughly cleaning your eyes, close your eyes and take a break. After the water on your eyes is slightly dry, apply eye cream to make the nutrients work better and more permanently.

Face makeup remover

Face makeup remover is the most important part of the makeup removal work. The makeup of the entire face is completely removed, and the makeup remover is completed.

1. Apply a proper amount of makeup remover to your face.

2. Gently massage the face with your fingertips to allow the makeup remover to completely dissolve the makeup.

3, pay attention to small places, such as the nose, mouth, hair, etc., but also thorough massage.

4. Use a tissue to wipe everything off your face.

5. If the unloading is not clean once, the same step will be repeated until it is completely cleared.

Lip makeup remover

The skin of the lips can be said to be the largest amount of work on the face, and it is also the longest part of the average makeup time. Without a good makeup remover, the lipstick accumulated in the gap of the lips for a long time will gradually hinder the normal operation of the skin, breathing, and deepen the lip color. Turn black. The makeup is not cleaned, and the dirt will not fall off automatically through the oil secreted by the skin. Over time, the lips will appear old and never be "sweet."

1. Completely moisturize the cotton pad with makeup remover and cover it on the lips for about three seconds.

2. Gently wipe the lipstick off the lips.

3. Change a new cotton pad and use the make-up remover.

4. Pull the lips to the sides with force, as if to make a "one..." sound to open the wrinkles of the lips.

5. Place the new cotton pad with makeup remover on your lips again. If there is still residual lipstick in the wrinkles, use a cotton swab to apply lip makeup remover. Wipe it completely in a direction perpendicular to the lips.

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