Industry sales season is coming, how to adjust the market

Midsummer is usually the off-season of the furniture industry. What can companies do to make the anti-season sales? In the face of the impact of the new real estate policy on the real estate market, as the downstream furniture industry has also entered a period of deep adjustment, subject to the double pressure from the market sluggish and consumers more cautious, many furniture companies are thinking about how to 'break the bureau' in this melee In the upcoming traditional sales season in July and August, brand building has become a part of the major manufacturers that cannot be ignored. How to use brand building to break through in many enterprises, how should brand building operate?

Propaganda to three-dimensional

In the face of a sluggish market environment, everyone has seen a trend of deep adjustment, 'the sales in the peak season, the brand in the off-season', is also recognized as a way. 'When everyone is silent, you are obviously more likely to be heard.' Maige Furniture President Dai Qisheng explained this truth in a simple way.

Naturally, in the off-season, there is more time and energy to dig deep inside the company. As a channel for publicity, the choice of media is also very important. How to create a strong propaganda campaign, let your brand be contacted by more people, three-dimensional propaganda is naturally the best choice. Now, the new propaganda media such as our online media platform has grown rapidly in brand promotion. Various manufacturers have invested a lot in doing network promotion. 'It is obvious that more and more manufacturers are also paying attention to the people that new media can cover.

Compared with traditional media, new media represented by online media has the characteristics of conveying more real-time, younger audiences, and relatively low cost. It has a good effect on enterprises that want to make more publicity coverage in a short time. As the increasingly fierce competition in the furniture industry, who can first brand in the hearts of consumers, who can seize the market opportunity, Zhu Guangyu, general manager of Peugeot Furniture also agrees with this: 'The furniture industry has been 'full competition' since its birth 'The industry is always the market for consumers. I think everyone is adapting to this process. Both the market and the external environment are constantly adjusting. The change in new consumer trends, publicity in this regard is also a three-dimensional publicity. '

In addition, word-of-mouth communication plays a considerable role as the most cost-effective way. This kind of geometric-level communication method can often get twice the result with half the effort, but grasping word-of-mouth communication requires enterprises to do their own self-cultivation. The impact is actually a requirement for the company's own skills. No matter what brand height you want to achieve, the breadth of propaganda is the first thing to pay attention to. How to choose the right way and spread the corresponding publicity network determines the success of brand marketing.

Brand should be enriched

Faced with the fiercely competitive market environment, many manufacturers have seen the importance of brand building and have increased their efforts in publicity. However, it is not enough to just publicize. How to increase the added value of their own brands determines that consumers are The cognition of publicity results, a brand building full of exaggeration and no real value support, is like a bunch of bubbles. When the bubbles burst, the only thing left to the consumers is the distrust of the company. The counter-effect of this kind of propaganda is often It is fatal. Therefore, to ensure good product quality and increase the added value of the brand as much as possible, is the foundation of brand building. To lay a good foundation for this, we can lay a good road for the long-term development of the company.

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