Interview with Liu Fuxin, General Manager of Zhanzhi Tianhua

   [Liu Fuxin]: This is the case. Brand building. Our current plan is to build a strong brand in the country. First of all, we have made great efforts in the e-commerce sector. Some related plans have been done at the same time. Our company's website includes some of the actual issues that follow, and we can follow our activities.

In fact, e-commerce is still a very important part of our current wooden door industry. We will work very hard under the national e-commerce in the future. Today's time is limited. It is too late to describe the time. This is a direction. As for some big moves of the company, we are going to put into use the third factory in August this year. In the third factory, we mainly produce the cloakroom, which is called the wardrobe. We are ready to officially put into production in August to welcome investment.

[Moderator]: Is this plant construction in the Northeast?

[Liu Fuxin]: In Shenyang. This is an initiative in August.

[Moderator]: Now consumers' consumption concept and consumer awareness are also increasing. Do you think our company's products are to attract consumers' eyes?

[Liu Fuxin]: First increase the brand's product line, which will attract consumers' attention. Second, we have carefully added the series of brands on the basis of the original, and the brand series is also diversified, which means that we will gradually explore the needs of its customers for the internal products, and gradually expand the market share.

[Moderator]: In recent years, the expansion of the store has been relatively faster than in previous years. What opportunities do you think the store expansion will bring to our company?

[Liu Fuxin]: Now is the case, the speed of the store we are constantly recruiting a large number of dealers across the country to promote the construction of some brands and network construction in our regions. In fact, we will cooperate with the national homes, Red Star Macalline and Ouyada including some big stores. We have cooperated extensively in the country. This is also some plans our company made last year.

[Moderator]: What are the challenges that bring opportunities to our business?

[Liu Fuxin]: The challenge is nothing more than the competitiveness of the sales department. In fact, where is the biggest competitiveness of enterprises and enterprises? It is self-improvement. We must constantly improve ourselves from all aspects of product quality, team building and team management, and naturally form a strong competitive edge.

[Liu Fuxin]: Thank you, Mr. Liu for accepting our interview and wishing our company a better and better development.

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