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Mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow are all in battle, and an "electric eye makeup" is made to make the eyes look forward to shining. This is a practice of loving women. However, some women are infected with " cosmetic eye disease " because they do not pay attention to eye hygiene.

Rich makeup

Experts explain that in the eyelids, eyeliner, some substances in the eyeliner may enter the eye and cause allergic conjunctivitis, allergic dermatitis, etc., patients will have eyelid swelling and other symptoms, which is common in the clinic "cosmetic eye disease ".

How to avoid "cosmetic eye disease"?

First, choose a neutral-lipid, non-toxic, eye-protective product that is harmless to the eyes.

Second, when making eye makeup, try to reduce the makeup and try not to get too close to the eyeball.

Third, during the makeup process, you should gently close your eyes to prevent cosmetics from splashing into your eyes. If the cosmetics accidentally splash into the eyes or the eyes appear itchy, foreign body sensation and other symptoms, do not rub your eyes, you should immediately rinse your eyes with tap water.

Fourth, the makeup remover must be thorough. After removing makeup, apply a hot towel or steam with water to relieve eye discomfort.

Fifth, small brushes for makeup, eyeliner, etc., should be wiped regularly with alcohol cotton balls.

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