There are so many tricks on the sale of the floor to teach you to choose high quality flooring.

Lead: The country imports a large amount of wood due to strict control of harvesting natural forests. In order to attract customers, individual importers add some luxury names to some wood, or rename some of their ordinary wood names to good wood names. In order to improve their grades, profiteering.

There are so many tricks on the sale of the floor. Here are a few simple items for everyone to know:

1. The trick of the seller

According to relevant sources, the so-called factory direct sales almost do not exist. Dealers have their own channels of purchase, and then hang a brand. For the manufacturers, this way, you don’t have to pay for the store yourself, but you can enjoy it.

2, that the salesperson is the floor expert

Because ordinary consumers don't understand the floor, people who sell the floor are experts in the floor. In fact, they are not floor experts.

3, the goods are not on the board

The visit found that some merchants in order to maximize profits, is to sell cheap varieties with similar color and texture as high-priced brands, and then sell at high prices. Therefore, from a regulatory point of view, it is not possible to define exactly who is good or who is not.

4, buy the floor, do not be cheap

Many consumers will carefully measure when they purchase, because the decoration is also a big one after all, and the manpower, material resources and financial resources invested are quite large. So many consumers will choose some processing boards. According to Mr. Wang after the renovation, there is a non-standard board on the market, which is to change the big board that has gone wrong into a small board, or scraps. Although it is cheap, once you have a small area in addition to the problem, you have to remove or replace the entire floor of the house, which is not cost-effective. There is also a type of processing board, which is a board that has been removed after some boards have been laid. Ex-factory goods, unless there are quality problems, manufacturers generally do not recycle. Even if it is retracted, it is simply handled, and then put into good goods and sold to other customers. There are also problems in the processing of the business, such as chamfering, folding, some bad manufacturers or dealers will also sell them through various channels.

It is believed that consumers who have renovated and not renovated know that the floor will provide laying services and the cost is quite low. It is not difficult to understand that the dealer subcontracted the floor to other decoration teams. The dealer earns money on the floor, and then can get a rebate from the renovation team. Imagine that the process of laying the floor is more complicated than laying the tiles, so how can it be cheaper to lay the tiles for construction?

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