Summer is about to "play color" star demonstration bright color makeup

Summer is the most suitable for using some bright color cosmetics. It is generally used by the stars and T-models under the spotlight. In fact, they are not as difficult to control as you think. Today, the stars will teach you how to use bright color makeup without excessive exaggeration, find the right way, with the right product, you can also have a colorful summer.
1, brilliant pink lips
In the hot summer, the touch of the lips will lighten the fashion and endless style, then the cosmetic bag must not lack a bright pink lipstick, these soft, quiet, delicate lip color, and the diversity of spring and summer fashion colors, The lightness contrasts with each other and makes the whole summer. The red tones are more feminine and sexy under the white teeth, and they have a strong femininity.
Demonstration star: Li Bingbing
Recommended items: Rimmel Lip Balm
2, blue eyeshadow
Undoubtedly, on the show, we found that almost every model's eyes used blue eyeshadow, such as the blue water of the sky, the green of the lake, the most charming and sexy face in the hot summer, the blue The green eyeshadow is deeply smudged in the eyes, interweaving a misty and sexy smoky makeup. Through the changes of the particles with small pearls, the eyes reveal the mysterious and sexy charm when revealing the blue-green brilliance, which is the most dazzling makeup color of this season.
Demonstration star: Weng Hong
Recommended items: NARS Cap Ferrat Tricolor Eyeshadow
3, pink blush
Do not think that pink will not go wrong, pink is easy to feel naive and unstable, especially the metal pink is to be treated with caution, it is easy to flow cheesy if you are not careful. It is much better to use a matte texture of pink in make-up. The lighter gray eyebrows and lower eyeliner play a key role in balancing the childish feeling of pink and making the overall look mature.
Demonstration star: Yang Mi
Recommended items: BECCA blush cream
4, coral lips
The color of the coral between orange and red is very pleasing, it will make the yellowish skin look bright immediately. Nowadays, applying bright lipstick is a simple and easy way to use a lot of people to attend a grand occasion. Those who are afraid of using red lipstick will look like coral. The color of the coral must match the clean and flawless face. In general, the makeup artist will use high-gloss frost on the cheekbones and forehead to highlight the smooth skin.
Demonstration star: Meng Hao
Recommended item: Revlon lipstick
5, lavender purple eyeshadow
The purple color represented by the royal family, repelling the tropical colors such as orange and green in spring and summer, has become the most popular eye makeup choice of this season. From thick to light purple, not only can be used in a variety of occasions, but also allows you to show the changing style. Carefully coloring, and using a little trick, purple makeup is not difficult. For the softer Chinese people, the narrower smear can make the eyelids deep and deep, and the medium-width smudge will add a different flavor to the face.
Demonstration star: Lin Xinru
Recommended items: Wet N' Wild eight-color eyeshadow

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