Opel's new balanced moisturizing series creates hydrating skin

When summer is over, skin problems will also emerge. For example, dry and sticky skin, Aupres has developed a new balanced moisturizing series through long-term research and development on Chinese women's skin, protecting your skin from the inside out and making your skin rely on its own strength. To create a hydrated, balanced state of health.

Opal's new balanced moisturizing series

AUPRES New Balanced Moisturizing Series

Oupley Balanced Moisturizing Series

Women's facial skin is constantly facing the test of sudden changes in the environment. The dry environment not only takes away the moisture of the skin, but also causes the skin to lose the required oil, which causes the skin to dry out; and the too humid external environment causes an uncomfortable sticky feeling. The Oupley Balanced Moisturizing Series is enriched with the original ingredient, the water-oil balance factor, which instantly acts on the skin and maintains the ideal balance of water and oil balance.

Through a new balanced moisturizing product, Oupley cares for the skin in all directions, keeping it fresh and moist. Softening cleansing cream helps the skin maintain water and oil balance while cleaning the skin. The soft water uses the stratum corneum cell culture ingredients and NMF (natural moisturizing ingredients) to keep the skin from losing moisture and inhibit excessive sebum secretion. Essence is a moisturizing ingredient that senses the dryness of the outside world and releases moisture in a timely manner to give the skin the best moisturizing state. It contains oil control ingredients, eucalyptus seed extract and extract of purple diced root, which has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-metabolic disorder and water and oil imbalance, keeping skin moist and oil-free; softening cream and soft cream unique to cuticle structure repair It helps to lock in moisture for a long time and keeps skin moisturized. The new Oupley Balanced Moisturizing Collection gives you peace of mind throughout the day.

New formula ingredients - water and oil balance factor

Opel's newly developed formula, the water-oil balance factor, is a factor that absorbs moisture easily and absorbs oil easily. It can give the skin the necessary moisture and oil to maintain the skin's moisturizing balance. While having good permeability, the water-oil balance factor combines the moisture and oil in the skin, guiding the active ingredients into the skin, and maintaining it for a long time, preventing water loss, thereby achieving the perfection of moisturizing and balancing the skin. status.

Hydra Sensitive Essence 80g RMB150

This essence is a moisturizing gel extract that gives long-lasting moisturizing to different types of skin and maintains skin's water-oil balance.

â—‹ Contains water and oil balance factor - releases the skin care ingredients that fill the cuticle and the moisturizing cuticle structure to the inside of the skin.

â—‹ Contains oil control ingredients - regulates excess oil secretion.

薏苡Seed extract: It has the effect of moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, preventing rough skin and maintaining the balance of water and oil.

Alfalfa Extract: Prevents imbalance of water and oil caused by metabolic disorders, and prevents and relieves skin sensitivity.

â—‹ Contains inductive moisturizing ingredients - it can sense changes in the external environment, release moisture when wet, inhibit oil; lock moisture when dry, relieve dryness, and make skin optimal. Imitating the structure of the cells, the [cell membrane] is designed to encapsulate the active ingredients, which are more easily absorbed by the skin. This technology is also widely used in the medical field.

â—‹ It adopts the absorption and timely fine penetration formula to make the skin moisturize in time.

â—‹It feels moist and not sticky when used

â—‹ light floral type

â—‹ Pass sensitive skin test

Soft cleansing cream 125g 90 yuan

The cleansing cream has a delicate foam that keeps the skin moisturized, removes dirt and old keratin, and helps to regulate the skin's water and oil balance.

â—‹ It can clean aged keratin and sticky sebum, dust and dirt.

â—‹ The foam is delicate and rich, keeping the skin moisturized and gently moisturizing the skin.

â—‹ Contains human-related cleansing ingredients AMT with moisturizing ingredients

â—‹ Easy to rinse, balance skin after cleansing, no tightness. Make the cosmetics used in the next step easier to absorb.

â—‹ light floral type

â—‹ Pass sensitive skin test

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