Ella glamour makeup cool boy head turned sexy milf

Ella , a member of SHE, has always been a man, and in a recent commercial event, she became the sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe, appearing in front of everyone with a feminine look, people can not help but marvel at her beautiful. Let's take a look at it together.

Ella Glamour Makeup

On July 6th, Ella became the sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe, who attended a make-up endorsement activity. She squatted on her high heels and broke the watch. Her style has changed a lot from the neutral dress of our common male head. Clear foundation, with orange-red blush, the eyeshadow is also a light pink eyeshadow, the orange lips of the candy are slightly puffed, and the sexy feeling is a little cute.

Ella Glamour Makeup

Ella rarely showed a charming and sexy gesture. Smoky makeup is full of seductive sexy, small smoky makeup makes people feel deep and mysterious eyes, nude pink lips, with a light pink blush, and then with shiny Earrings, I never thought that Ella could be so attractive.

Ella Glamour Makeup

Very pure and refined makeup. Ella's partial mid-length hair, with a stylish brown hair color, and then with such a pure and transparent makeup, does not need too much makeup, a few eye makeup, draw eyeliner to evoke the spirit, the cheeks A light blush, then with a nude transparent lip gloss, like a girl next door.

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