Let healthy snacks add points for growth

A variety of snacks with special flavors and flavors have become a favorite for every child's holiday. This makes many young parents have a headache - taking a high-pressure policy and depriving children of the right to eat snacks is a bit cruel; but if you let go, it will not only affect the dinner, develop bad eating habits, but also affect normal growth and development. It may even be related to the health of their lives. Director Dai Yongmei of the Nutrition Department of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital said that it is necessary to give children snacks. It is necessary to manage the variety, quantity and frequency of snacks for children, and guide children to get rid of the temptation of bad snacks and make healthy snacks add points for growth.

First of all, it is necessary to be good at distinguishing the quality of snacks. From the perspective of nutrition, it can be divided into healthy snacks and flavor snacks. The so-called healthy snacks are foods that are rich in nutrients, ie contain many essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, and no excess calories, fat and sugar and sodium, which can be provided daily. For example, milk, cheese, honey, fresh fruit or juice, graham crackers or bread, all kinds of nuts, etc. Flavor snacks, also known as “junk foods”, simply satisfy people's taste needs, contain almost no essential nutrients, but increase calories, fat, sugar and sodium. Eating too much can cause overweight or obesity, and blood sugar and blood lipids rise excessively. High, should only be provided occasionally. For example, egg yolk pie, carbonated drinks, cream products, hamburgers, potato chips, chocolate, instant noodles and puffed foods.

Secondly, it is best to keep healthy snacks in the home, put the snacks in places that children can't get, limit the purchase of snacks, and avoid uncontrolled eating from the source.

Finally, develop good eating habits for your child. When parents understand some nutrient knowledge and understand the general nutritional content of snacks, they should actively communicate with their children and tell them which snacks are good for his body. After eating, the mind will become very smart and the body will grow. It’s solid; what snacks are “junk food”, and it will get worse when you eat more.

At the same time, parents should lead by example and try to stay away from “junk food”. Because parents' words and deeds are a mirror of their children, it is hard to imagine that parents who often chew potato chips in front of their children can convince children to eat less similar foods.

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