A stunning woman in a classic painting that cannot be missed

Nowadays, the retro style is so popular that people have to miss the fashionable makeup that has been popular all the time. They walked into the Time Museum of Art and the beautiful women in the classic paintings, and they enjoyed the quietness of the years and the sweetness of the aftertaste.
"Waldergrave's Ladies"

A stunning woman in classic paintings

Formerly known as: Las hermanas Waldegrave (1770-1780)
Author: Joshua - Sir Reynolds School of the 18th century British portrait painter Reynolds school work. The scenes of the three daughters of Waldgrave II are embroidered, and the composition is full and powerful. They are like high-spirited hair, the standard hairstyle of the aristocratic women at that time.
The phantom of orange is like a princess in the opera, gorgeous and exaggerated. The lips of the micro-opening, the light of the emptiness, left in the temple from the 18th century in an instant, entering the world of the 21st century.
Model focus:
Sexy towering curls are the favorite of the 18th and 19th century aristocrats, with bright orange eye makeup, lip gloss and blush, highlighting the tension of drama, retro earrings and gray hair, enhancing the aristocratic temperament and mystery.

A stunning woman in classic paintings

Formerly known as: Vanity (1900-1934)
Author: Harrison - Fisher Fisher is a famous American illustrator. His "Fisher Girl", a blindly optimistic American girl with a ribbon and a big bow on her head, frequently appeared on the cover of major world magazines at the time. The "Fisher Girl" became the sexy muse in the hearts of gentlemen and ladies.
Honey color pavilion

A stunning woman in classic paintings

The Fisher girl was the most popular American woman in the early 19th century. She appeared in a different posture, but always with a signature big bow. She is the sweetest and beautiful girl in countless American dreams.
Model focus:
Fluffy palm-gold curly hair and black bow make the girl's sweet and brisk, thick eyebrows, and bright eye makeup add a fresh sense of fashion. Only the peach red that blooms in the middle of the lips, exudes a bright spring.
"Women holding a silver rat"
Formerly known as: Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (1485 - 1490)
Author: Leonardo - of - Finch This is up - Vinci main four women works in a related (the rest is "Mona Lisa", "Ginevra - Germany Bunch" and "Labelle - Ferronier), has been collected in the Zastoriski Museum in Clark, Poland. Because she was born more than ten years earlier than the Louvre's Mona Lisa, she was dubbed "Mona Lisa's sister." The woman in the legendary painting is the most beloved mistress of the Duchess of Milan, Ludovico-Sveza.
Jingyi Tianxiang She is not mysterious Mona Lisa, but quieter than Mona Lisa. She traveled through time, from the Renaissance to the present, and she was as quiet as the lake in the morning, and she conquered her time with deep eyes.
Model focus:
The meticulous hair is integrated with the black decoration on the neck and neck, making the makeup more solemn and quiet. The black lines on the eyebrows use abstract symbols to express the sense of fashion and enhance the drama of the overall makeup.

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