Comparison of Three Packaging Types of Bacteria Bottles

The strainer bottle is mainly used in scientific experiments and agricultural production. In recent years, the strainer bottle has three kinds of glass bottles, plastic bottles and plastic bags. Today, China Packaging Network and everyone talk about these three forms of packaging.

The glass strainer bottle is the earliest application in this field, on the one hand he has a good seal, on the other hand, the glass strainer bottle has a good light transmission, easy for strains photosynthesis. However, the cost of the glass strainer bottle is high and it is not suitable for large-scale use. At the same time, it is also more troublesome to stack the bacteria when used in older ages. and so. The glass strainer bottle is now mainly used for scientific research units to test more. The appearance of glass strains is similar to 500 ML glass pesticide bottles or infusion bottles.

The plastic strainer bottle is mainly based on PP material. PP material is a good choice for strain bottle with high temperature resistance, and PP strainer bottle is also good in terms of tightness and cost, so many bacteria Manufacturers will choose PP plastic bottles for packaging production.

Plastic bags are less sealable than the other two materials, but some strains exactly need this effect. At the same time, the cost of making plastics is the most acceptable to farmers' friends and the most marketable. In addition, the plastic bag-in-vial strainer facilitates the removal of strains, which is also very useful in actual production.


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