Milk, bowel, weight loss, detoxification

In order to detoxify and lose weight, you don't have to eat vegetables and fruits. Milk can also help you clear the intestines and make your stomach disappear. As long as you take out two days of the weekend, try the milk and bowel weight loss method, so that you can easily lose weight. Is it very tempting? Come and try it.
Suitable for the crowd: slightly overweight, healthy stomach.

Implementation plan:

It only takes two days to lose weight each time. The normal diet was resumed in the third and fourth days, and then started two more days. Generally, the obvious thin abdomen effect can be seen in the first cycle. If you repeat two or three cycles, the effect is more stable.

first day:

Apple 1 kg. In this day, you can only eat apples all day, and you can't eat anything. Wash the apples when you eat, then slowly sip a little bite.

the next day:

Yogurt or skimmed milk 1000 ml, divided into six and seven equal portions, one drink each time. Drink only milk all day, can't eat anything else, use milk instead of water when you are thirsty. You can also drink milk and yogurt at the same time, but pay attention to the amount.

If you reach the ideal weight, you can use this method again. In the middle is not to drink water. You can't mix apples and milk together, you have to eat them separately, so that it works.

Can not drink water, because if we ingest water during weight loss, then the body must first consume the water intake, and will not consume the body's water. Eating apples on the day of water, basically reducing the body's water, to the day of drinking milk, the water is reduced almost, it will be reduced to fat.

Key tips:

Drinking milk is critical and you can't drink water. If you cycle a few times, you can definitely get down. And it will actually reduce the body's fat. It is recommended that this method be implemented on weekends as a good way to reduce bowel weight.

Container glass 

Container glass has a lower magnesium oxide and sodium oxide content than flat glass, and a higher Silica, Calcium oxide, and Aluminum oxide content. Its higher content of water-insoluble oxides imparts slightly higher chemical durability against water, which is required for storage of beverages and food. Most container glass is soda-lime glass, produced by blowing and pressing techniques, while some laboratory Glassware is made from borosilicate glass.

Usage: Liquor/Wine/Beverage

Material: Extra-flint, high-flint and flint glass

Technology: Machine made

Volume: 50 to 3000ml or as your requirements

Weight: 150 to 2000g and so on

Sealing type: Screw cap or cork

Painting: Any color as you requirement

Quality control: SGS, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001

Deep processing: Silk screen, decal, spray painting, electroplating, frosting, sand blasting.

Delivery term: EXW, FOB, CIF

Payment terms: T/T

Lead time: New design drawing confirm within 3days, Sample mold within 20 days, bulk molds within 30 days, produce in bulk within 30 days



Q:  Are you a manufacture or a trading company?

A:  We are a manufacture which located in Chengdu city and Yibin city, Sichuan, China.

Q:  Can you customize the products?

A:  Yes, we are professional to customize glass bottle, we can design the new drawings and open the new molds according to your requirement.

Q:  Do you provide free sample?

A:  Yes, for cooperation sincerity, we are glad to provide you samples for free, but for new customer, the express cost need to be paid.

Q:  What is your MOQ?

A:  Our only standard for MOQ is a 40 feet container.

Q:  How long is your sample lead time, mold need time and production lead time?

A:  New design drawing confirm within 3 days, sample mold within 20 days, bulk molds within 30 days, produce in bulk within 30 days

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