2011 Outdoor Knowledge Season Three: Eleven Outdoor Food Planning

As the Golden Week 11 is coming, many donkeys and donkey aides must have planned their outdoor trips. While wishing everyone a happy holiday, Xiao Bian specially shared some of the outdoor diet knowledge with you, hoping that everyone will travel healthily and safely.

From the perspective of human physiology and nutrition, consider what kinds of drinks and foods should be brought outdoors, and how to supplement them. Through a more reasonable diet, ensure that the body's energy is replenished to achieve the purpose of physical fitness, and thus develop a more scientific life. habit.

1, drinks

Water is the most important part of the human body. Without food, one can persist for seven days. Without water, it can last up to 3-4 days.

The lack of water in the body may cause severe consequences such as heat stroke and kidney failure, and may even be life-threatening. Therefore, drinking water before and during activities, and supplemental water after activities are all necessary.

It can be said that water is the most important outdoor. So, how to drink water and how to maintain the body's need for water is very important.

1.1, moisture

The original concept that we accepted was: a small number of times, three small mouths at a time, which can not only dilute the gastric juice, but also ensure that the mouth does not have a strong hunger and thirst. This is a certain problem, and the image of cool one big image: When the cells are burning, each time a small sip is just a fire, only a certain amount can supplement the human body's demand for water. The quantitative indicators he gives are: : Drink once every 20-30 minutes, 150-200ml each time.

Under normal circumstances, a person should add 1,200 ml of water a day, and in the case of such intense sports outdoors, 3-6 times the quantity should be added to meet the needs. We need to remind students who have less drinking water, outdoor sports, and sweat more. If you drink less water, due to the self-regulating function of the body, the water in the urine will be absorbed again, resulting in less urination. In the long run, it will cause various kidneys. problem.

1.2, salt

Is it good to eat high salted mustard? In general, no need!

The sodium in the human body is excreted in large amounts and will be automatically recovered when needed. Only when the weather is very hot and sweating over a long period of time, it is necessary to add salt.

1.3 Sports Drink

Is supplementing sports drinks in outdoor activities a good complement to physical strength? the answer is negative.

A bottle of sports drinks provides little energy and electrolytes, Gatorade is only half as good as grapes. The effect of sports drinks is often exaggerated. The effect of a bottle is almost negligible. The role of sports drinks is mainly to increase explosive power and have little effect on endurance. On the contrary, drinking functional beverages for a long period of time will disrupt the body fluid self-balancing system and will be detrimental to the body.

1.4, sugar

Glucose is easy for the body to absorb. Is it good to drink more? No, the reason is the same as above. Personally allocated glucose, pay attention not to be placed for a long time, because this solution is the most likely to breed microorganisms, easy to cause diarrhea!

To sum up, the human body is a very delicate self-balancing system. As long as a certain amount of water is maintained, self-balancing can be achieved. Therefore, the water we bring daily should be: boiled water, mineral water, purified water, or spring water in the wild; drinking water, do not wait until thirsty and then drink, we should insist on drinking once every 20-30 minutes, each time 150-200ml Principle of replenishment.

2, food

Most people think that eating meat is resistant to hunger. So whether there should be more meat outdoors? Not too. Carbohydrates provide energy more directly and quickly than proteins and fats and are easily digestible. Therefore, in the outdoor activities, the most important supplement is carbohydrates, that is, rice noodles.

2.1, carbohydrates

As already mentioned before, it is actually vegetarian.

2.2. Meat

Meat should be eaten several hours before exercise or hours after exercise (eg breakfast, dinner). It is best not to eat during exercise.

Beef is best for meat because it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and trace elements and can provide people with more balanced nutrition;

Canned food is also preferred for beef. Pay attention to the most inappropriate fish, except for sardines and mackerel.

2.3, convenience food

Also often referred to as junk food, such as instant noodles, ham, etc., in fact, should be taken with, convenient and lightweight. Just don't eat too much in your daily life.

2.4 Fruit

Fruit can adjust taste appetite, and is the best vitamin supplement food, especially lemon, followed by oranges, apples.

3, short-term and long-line food planning differences

The human body has the ability to automatically adjust, a day or two of short-term activities around Shenzhen, without excessive attention to nutritional supplements and balance, electrolyte supplements. Under normal circumstances, it can be supplemented according to their usual habits.

Over two days of long-term activity food plan follows the principle of "high energy, high compression ratio, storage-resistance", energy is the basis, as you like to bring the surface, with rice, noodles or instant noodles? It is entirely personal taste preferences. In general, the same weight of flour provides more calories than rice.

Last but not least, it is necessary to have a good breakfast at every event. This is usually the case!

4, diet knowledge:

4.1, not an empty stomach to drink milk

Experts believe that adding milk and eggs is the best combination for breakfast, but some people only drink milk and do not eat other foods. This is wrong. There are many drawbacks to drinking milk in the morning on an empty stomach. Because it is an empty stomach, the milk that is ingested cannot be fully enzymatically digested, and the protein in the nutrient will soon be converted into energy consumption. The nutrients cannot be well digested and absorbed. Some people may also experience abdominal pain and diarrhea because they produce little or very little lactase in their bodies. They drink large amounts of milk on an empty stomach. Lactose in milk cannot be digested in time. It is broken down by the bacteria in the gut and produces a lot of Gas, acid, stimulate intestinal contraction, abdominal pain, diarrhea. Therefore, it is best to eat something before drinking milk, or to drink milk while eating food, in order to reduce the concentration of lactose, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients.

4.2. Why are you so hungry that you don’t want to eat?

Hunger is caused by several factors, such as the emptying of the first stomach, the feedback of the second human body clock, the decrease of the third blood glucose, and the fourth conditional reflex. But if you do not eat, the body will break down glycogen and raise blood sugar, which will feed back into the nerves, reduce gastrointestinal motility, and eliminate hunger. This is why some people are hungry and do not want to eat.

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