Discussion on a new food packaging printer

The food packaging bag printer is a device that is controlled by software to mark the food bag. With the continuous development of the food industry, food packaging has also become more and more, so the use of food inkjet printers for food packaging technology is also constantly improving, more and more features, and technical content and built-in Software such as text is also becoming more and more powerful.

The most recent food packaging bag printing machine technology is to use the world-famous gear pump, high integrated circuit design, fully sealed ink circuit circulation system to ensure long-term reliable operation of the machine. Ink pressure automatic tracking adjustment, automatic detection of equipment operation, automatic control. It has a built-in international primary and secondary Chinese character library, a total of more than 7,000 characters, and can input Chinese characters through various input methods such as pinyin input method, location input method, and code input method. 240×128 large screen with backlit LCD display, print information editor WYSIWYG. Write text and graphics directly from the keyboard without replacing the chip, without connecting to a computer or using dedicated software. Automatic printing date, time, lot number, serial number, etc.

The key to the new type of food packaging printer is energy saving. This device can print 70 million characters per liter of ink consumption, and the operating cost is low. The amount of economical and practical consumables is only one-fifth of the traditional gas source type. And printing ink can use black, blue, red and other colors. Printing materials can be used to print metal, wood, pipes, plastics, glass, and building materials.

Therefore, using this new type of food packaging bag printer can not only save more costs for the company, but also run more stable and more efficient.

Printers can be categorized as: continuous jet printers and on-demand ink jet printers. On-demand ink-jet printers are further divided into three types: piezoelectric inkjet technology, pressure-valve inkjet technology, and thermal foam inkjet technology.

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