Solid wood furniture "five-year double repurchase" Is it true or false?

For every family, furniture is a big necessity, and it is the desire of all consumers to spend money to buy a peace of mind. However, after the “Da Vinci” incident at the beginning of the year, the furniture industry faced a crisis of confidence. Logs Shangpin Furniture recently made a promise, and the furniture sold sold doubled back in five years. Is it honest or hype?

The promise of “Five-year double repurchase” of logs is still a matter of concern. Yang Bin, general manager of Tianjin Hanmu Shangpin Furniture Design Co., Ltd. told reporters that letting consumers regain their confidence in the furniture industry is the mission of the wood products.

He said: "The furniture of the log is made of precious old elm wood with a hundred years of history. The Korean professional designer has designed a simple and elegant style. The whole piece of wood is selected and the traditional craftsmen use the traditional craftsman. Made of craftsmanship, these elements are put together to ensure that the furniture of the logs still retains the original characteristics of the precious eucalyptus, and is not subject to the damage of a nail and the corrosion of the glue. Therefore, the furniture has value preservation and appreciation. Space."

Yang Bin said that the double repurchase in five years is to give consumers a reassurance. Let everyone know that the furniture of the log is not only real, but also has a value-added space. After 5 years of purchase, the furniture will not become a daily consumable, but will become a stable investment product. He said: "After five years, if consumers want to change the style of furniture, we will double-repurchase, for example, 100,000 pieces of furniture, 200,000 after 5 years, consumers will not only have economic losses, but also profit. Because of the quality assurance of our furniture, after the repurchase, we can basically guarantee that the furniture will remain the same, and the next sale will not be affected. This is a win-win situation."

As a commodity of commodities, consumers naturally have to think carefully when purchasing. Good quality and service is like a double-edged sword. It sets up a communication link between consumers and businesses. Only in this way can the furniture market develop benignly.

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