Deep moisturizing hand mask to save the jade hand

It is said that the hand is the woman's second face, but the housewife who often does housework is the most likely to become rough, and wants to restore the delicate and soft slender hand, and give yourself a deep moisturizing hand mask!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Moisturizing Hand Mask 50ml/1.7oz

Deep Moisturizing Hand Mask

Efficacy: Effectively replenish important moisture to the skin, combined with the mild exfoliating effect of oatmeal and the purifying function of white mud. Remove dead cells from the epidermis. Make your hands feel soft in a few minutes, crystal clear and smooth. Suitable for dry or damaged skin.

Herborist Herborist hand repair crystal film 110ml/100 yuan

Deep Moisturizing Hand Mask

Containing Chinese herbal extracts such as Huang Jing, Licorice, and Sanqi, the texture is light and smooth. The essence of Chinese herbal medicine can penetrate deep into the skin, resist the damage caused by oxygen free radicals, repair damaged cells and smooth fine lines, and stimulate skin's own water and liquid. Metabolic balance mechanism keeps skin hydrated and delicate. Suitable for all seasons, long-term use, can keep your hands and skin young and delicate, smooth and flawless, just like gelatin. Suitable for all skin types, delicate and sensitive skin can also be used.

Huimeishe Pretty Rally exclusive thermal hand mask 75g/28 yuan

Deep Moisturizing Hand Mask

The thermal energy hand mask is a unique new technology product launched by Huimeishe. It contains a variety of pure natural plant extracts such as ginseng, ginger, and vitamin E. It is a nourishing formula composed of various natural plant extracts. After smearing, it instantly feels that there is heat radiation. It is warm and moisturizing hands, especially suitable for long-term use of body and cold type, daily housekeeping, and home hand care for autumn and winter. It is recommended to use it at least once a week, especially after hand scrubbing.

Usage: Pour out the product, apply it thinly and apply it for about 15 minutes. Massage the cooled membrane gently on the back of the skin, then rinse it off by hand, then apply hand care.

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