Proper use of moisturizing cream to moisturize skin and reach out

Want to be a veritable "water beauty", in addition to know how to hydrate the skin, but also know how to firmly lock the water. As the last step in moisturizing treatment, the moisturizing cream is used to lock in moisturizing ingredients and protect the skin from external damage. Even if the weather is still hot, you should use cream to maintain the skin's moisture and nutrition.


1. Take the pearl size cream

First take a pearl-sized cream on the palm of your hand.

2. Apply to dry areas of the face

Apply in the dry area of ​​the face in the direction from the inside out and from the bottom to the top.

3.T zone is gently taken over

Apply the cream remaining on the palm to the T area and the nose, and gently carry it.

4. Scrubbing in the eye area that is easy to dry

Parts around the eyes, mouth and corners are particularly easy to dry and appear fine lines. Therefore, take the same amount of cream and rub it on the circumference of the eyes and the corners of the mouth to press and pull.

5. Press the neck along the lymph

Then take the same amount of cream, take the index finger, middle finger, ring finger of the fingertips and push it from top to bottom along the lymph to the clavicle to help detoxification.

6. Finally warm face

Hold the cheeks by hand and use the temperature of the palm to assist the cream penetration to achieve a better moisturizing effect.

Tips: Suggestions for using cream

1. When using a cream for massage, be sure to take a sufficient amount. If the amount is too small, it will easily cause friction and damage the skin.

2. Do not over-expose when applying cream, and treat the dry and fragile parts around the eyes as much as possible by tapping and pressing.

3, if you do not like the texture of the cream, you can use a moisturizing lotion for massage, and finally rubbed with a cream in the dry area.

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