Absorb a new chapter CCSG ring silk mask

Fast-paced urban life, so you don't have time to take care of your face? I finally took the time to make a mask, but found that the absorption of the skin is limited? At this moment, all these problems are solved, the birth of the mask partner, completely break the problem of limited skin absorption!

A new chapter in facial mask nutrition absorption CCSG Huanmei launched a silk mask with partner

Absorb a new chapter CCSG ring silk mask

In order to meet a variety of skin needs, CCSG Huanmei has launched the “Mei Li Sheng Hui” series mask, which is rich in silk protein essence, hyaluronic acid, collagen and plant extracts. It lasts whitening and moisturizing, eliminating facial fine lines and quickly Improve skin elasticity, increase cell viability, prevent melanin formation, and quickly awaken skin vitality. It is worth mentioning that CCSG Huanmei's skin care concept of “mask companion” completely breaks the limitation of mask absorption and the use of mask companion to better exert the superior skin effect of silk mask.

Mask companion - a beautiful source of skin

Absorb a new chapter CCSG ring silk mask

If the mask is a feast for the skin, then the mask's unique absorption-enhancing function is like an appetizing sweet soup before the meal, which brings a refreshing and enjoyable experience; its excellent skin-enhancing effect is just like a cup after a meal. The fragrant cappuccino is endowed with endless enthusiasm.

How to use the mask partner:

After cleansing, apply a proper amount of mask partner to apply evenly to the facial skin. Gently absorb it. After taking (washing) the mask, apply the mask partner again to enhance the biological activity of the skin cells and moisturize the water.

Advantages of the mask partner:

The mask partner contains a unique complex polysaccharide activating factor, which can quickly awaken the skin vitality, cooperate with hyaluronic acid, micro-lipid whitening factor and various natural vitamins to accelerate and improve the absorption of mask nutrition, and fully exert the effect of mask to nourish the skin. The skin is hydrated and radiant, with a whitening effect.

"Sandwich nourishing" - play with beautiful skin and new fashion

Absorb a new chapter CCSG ring silk mask

The delicious sandwich is made with two slices of bread, meat, cheese, vegetables and a variety of spices. Its 1+1+1>3 effect perfectly interprets the subtle relationship between the mask partner and the mask. "Mask Companion → Mask → Mask Companion" trilogy, "sandwich nourishing" concept, will soon bring you a new chapter of facial mask nutrition absorption.

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