Children's bedroom feng shui is particular about

It is the wish of every parent, but because of the excessive love of children, and because of the hope that the children have a comfortable and comfortable reading space, such as the layout of the bedroom and the layout of the study, all are perfect. However, after years of experience in interior design and operation, it is a pity that many people are self-defeating. The previous statements about child room taboos are as follows:

First, the child bedroom

1. The children's bedroom can't be set at the side of the machine room and under the balcony. It is easy to cause cerebral neurasthenia when it is located at the machine room.

2. There must be no mirror door in the bedroom entrance to avoid multiple tongues.

3. The ceiling of the bedroom should be flat, preferably milky white (dark color is fierce); the ceiling can be decorated with vertical and horizontal wood strips, but can not hang various strange ornaments.

4. The floor of the bedroom should not be covered with deep red carpet and long felt to avoid bronchitis.

5. Do not hang too many wind chimes in the bedroom to avoid neurasthenia.

6. The light in the bedroom should be bright; the main color should avoid powder, red, and dark black, so as to avoid personality irritability.

7. The bedroom is small, not too complicated to decorate, making the space look great.

8. Do not close and lock the dolls in the bedroom.

9. The bedroom door cannot be hedged by the toilet door.

Second, the children's bedroom wall

1. Children's bedroom walls should not be posted too fancy wallpaper to avoid confusion and irritability.

2. The wall should not be attached with strange animal portraits, so as to prevent the child from behaving strangely, because the shape must be spiritual, and the objects are gathered together.

3. The wall should not be attached to the map of the samurai battle, so as to avoid the mentality of the child's mind.

Third, the children's desk

1. The back and left of the desk cannot be punched.

2. The desk should not face the toilet, nor should it be backed by the toilet bathroom; the left and right should not be flushed with the toilet door.

3. Do not go up and down the kitchen stove, the toilet bathroom is above.

4. It is best not to have high objects in front of the desk (the bookshelf on the desk is not good).

5. The desk should not face the road, the road or the water tower.

Fourth, the children's bed

1. Children's beds cannot be placed under the beams.

2. If the bed is facing the window, the sun should not be too strong, and the sun is too strong and easy to be upset.

3. The bed cannot be on the balcony (this is the expansion of the bed, all or part of the child's bed is located on the balcony), and it is even more difficult to close to the floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony.

4. The bed should not be up and down in the kitchen stove (susceptible to skin disease, upset and upset), and not in the toilet.

5. The foot of the bed is not punched (the foot is easily sprained) or the toilet.

6. The bed head does not flush the door, not reliable before and after the toilet.

7. The bed should not be placed under the god hall (the child is best not to be normal).

8. The bedside cannot be placed on the recorder (the brain is weakened).

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