Year-old floor furniture fell in price

In many large-scale furniture stores in Tianjin, many furniture manufacturers have launched large-scale promotional activities such as gift giving, cash back, lottery, etc. The board furniture has basically launched a discount of 50% to 30%, and solid wood furniture has also launched “concession packages”. .

According to some manufacturers' sales personnel, due to the influence of the property market regulation, the downstream furniture market has also been affected. Especially after the National Day Golden Week last year, the sales volume of many enterprises has dropped by more than 20% compared with the same period of 2010. Manufacturers especially hope to have a new year "opening the door", in addition to the sample price "one down to the end", the strength of discounts on new products is also more obvious than the same period last year. Some consumers who were interviewed by reporters said that solid wood furniture feels "the discount is very attractive", but the actual discounted price is not significantly lower than the second half of last year.

According to industry insiders, some solid wood furniture, especially high-grade mahogany furniture, is indeed difficult to price, mainly because the cost of the manufacturer is increasing, and only the worker's labor costs have risen from 200 yuan/day to 300 yuan/day. The carving of mahogany is difficult and professional, and the wages of workers continue to rise. Although the media reported that the price of some mahogany furniture raw materials fell, but the biggest impact is the low-end products, while the large furniture professional store is biased to operate high-end mahogany furniture, so the price reduction here is not outstanding.

The prices of huanghuali and lobular rosewood furniture of some well-known brand furniture have only recently “stopped up”, and the prices of solid wood furniture such as Laos red rosewood furniture and chicken wing wood furniture have still risen slightly. From the scene of the reporter, the enthusiasm of consumers to buy furniture during the New Year holidays is not enough, many customers in the store are embarrassed. Industry insiders also frankly: Last year, the overall sales of the furniture industry declined, and many SMEs have already felt the pressure. This year, due to the influence of supply and demand factors, it is expected that the furniture market price will not continue to rise.

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