The 5th Shanghai Home Expo submitted the perfect answer to the Year of the Dragon

According to the Shanghai Home Expo Organizing Committee, the 5th Shanghai Home Expo will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center from March 16 to 18, 2012! Up to now, 83% of the booths have been set, and another 14% of the booths have been reserved, and the investment promotion is coming to an end! The pre-registration of the audience is in progress, and the pre-registered owners have exceeded 10,000 times! Compared with the previous sessions, all aspects of the work progressed more smoothly, and the perfect answer was given, and the Year of the Dragon is coming!

Figure 1: Poster of the 5th Booth Booking at the 4th Shanghai Home Expo

The 5th Shanghai Home Expo will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center as usual. The third floor of the West Pavilion will be priced at 30,000 square meters to meet the purchase of 60,000 owners of Shencheng. Many exhibitors have been far-sighted during the three-day exhibition period of the 4th Shanghai Home Expo, and have set a contract or reserved a booth. The investment promotion work was officially launched in late September. After more than three months and one hundred days of “fight”, the results were gratifying. The details are as follows:

The first floor is bathroom facilities, kitchen facilities and comprehensive building materials. Up to now, there are only two locations left. The companies that have settled in are: Kohler, Oulusha, Nobel, Cezanne Impression, Jin Sari, Lance, Basman, Zhongyu, Gauss, Huida, VIVI, Mo En, Dufini, Laudas, Silver Crystal, Lyle Shidan, Green Sun, Dragon, Fang Tai, Midea, Op, Bolognese, Cherry Blossom, Piano, Energy, Shangpin Home, Shuaifeng, Kaineng , Martian, Hengjie, Hecheng, etc. (in no particular order).

The second floor is for furniture, soft furnishings, etc., and is divided into solid wood furniture, panel furniture, children's furniture, mattresses, sofas, wardrobes and other sections. In order to protect the interests of exhibitors, each section has a limit on quantity, too much is too little; in order to protect the interests of consumers, every exhibitor in the sector is a representative of the industry, product quality is guaranteed, and after-sales service is guaranteed. Really make consumers worry, effort, easy to purchase, happy decoration. Up to now, the companies that have settled in are: Pinzhi, Yitong International, Qingdao Yimu, Nordic E, Walker, Howard Howard, Lang Lang Shangpin, Shaq, Tiandi Renhe, Levi's, Normanston, Yijian Yijia, Shangpin Mingjia, Rattan Family, Kangdixing, Mousse, Bailan, Goodnight, Lihao Sofa, Suibao, Green Apple, Dongjin, Hongbang, Dynasty, Jiafengyi, Famous Family , Mulan, Hong Kai, Bai Mu Yipin, Lan Bao Di Si, Fan Muju, Luo Lansuo, etc. (in no particular order).

The third floor is the floor, doors and windows, HVAC, home improvement company, engineering design company, etc., representing the company has Zhengge, Qianyi, Yangzi, Telford, Roland and Shanghai's top 30 home improvement companies.

Figure 2: The real scene of the 4th Shanghai Home Expo

The Shanghai Home Expo has been successfully held for four sessions. On the basis of the first four sessions, the home improvement furniture and building materials industry enterprises are familiar with the one-stop procurement platform of the Shanghai Home Expo, and they agree with the work of the Huamo family. The 5th Shanghai The investment promotion work of the Fair is very smooth, and it is really a matter of course! Thank you for your continued support and participation in the Shanghai Home Expo. On the occasion of the Year of the Dragon, I wish you all a good luck and prosperity in the Year of the Dragon. May we work together in 2012 to provide Shenchengmin with better products and convenience. Service, healthier home life concept!

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