Uncover all myths about cotton pads

Many people have a wrong idea, that is, only in the makeup remover is the use of cotton pads, I feel that using a cotton pad to wipe the skin care products will waste cosmetics. In fact, the use of cotton pads can save skin care products and maximize the efficacy. Today, Xiaobian takes everyone to understand the cotton pad.

Skin care products

Classification of cotton pads

At present, the material of the cotton pad sold on the market can be basically divided into two types: absorbent cotton and non-woven fabric. These two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to your own needs.

Cotton wool: The cotton pad is thicker and softer to touch. It is used for applying lotion, sometimes it has the phenomenon of desquamation, and the water absorption is weak.

Non-woven fabric: This kind of cotton pad is relatively thin and has a thick touch, but because of its strong water absorption, the amount of lotion is relatively low.

Cotton pad VS toner

When the lotion touches the palm of your hand, the skin on your hands will first absorb the nutrient content of the lotion, so you can use the cotton pad to better control the lotion and make it work better on the face. Therefore, the use of lotion with a cotton pad makes the maintenance effect even more divided.

Rubbing method: firstly wipe the whole face, let the epidermis layer infiltrate the water, then use the cotton pad to pat the bottom of the pores in the way of anti-pores, help the moisturizing factor in the lotion to penetrate into the skin, not only to help the deep layer Moisturizing also helps to fine pores.

Cotton pad

Cotton pad VS lotion

Applying a lotion with a cotton pad can be evenly spread, because the skin has a furrow and a cotton pad can fill the bump. With the application of the hand alone, there are many parts that are difficult to take care of. With a cotton pad, you can take care of those corners and corners. The combination of cotton pad and lotion can fully moisturize the skin and gently cleanse the keratin to balance the skin.

Rubbing method: Lightly pressing on the tibial part of the ear, the cotton pad can “press” the active ingredient of the lotion into the stratum corneum of the skin, so that the essence can be absorbed deep in the skin. There is no fat layer support on the skin around the eyes. It is recommended to use a non-embossed cotton pad with a thickness of about 5mm. The cotton is soft and does not cause stretching on the skin around the eyes. It is moderately water-soluble and easy to control the amount of emulsion exudation.

Cotton pad VS sunscreen lotion

Many people don't like the feeling of slippery and slippery when applying sunscreen. In fact, this can be avoided by using the above method. The most suitable sunscreen lotion coated with cotton pad is Japanese sunscreen, because Japanese sunscreen is usually more hydrated and easier to spread. For thicker sunscreen lotion, mix the moisturizing cream and sunscreen with a ratio of 1:3. smear.

Squeeze the sunscreen lotion of 1 yuan coin on the cotton pad, wipe it from bottom to top and from the inside to the outside. This can not only be applied evenly, but also can be repeatedly applied two layers to easily reach the standard amount of sunscreen. Of course, the most important thing is that the hands don't have to be intimately contacted with a bit of sticky sunscreen, which will greatly reduce the slipperiness of sunscreen.

Cotton pad

Cotton pad VS makeup remover

Everyone knows that you need to use a cotton pad for makeup removal, but the method you use now, is the product selected correct? Make-up remover should use a cotton wool cotton pad. This cotton pad has a soft texture and will not damage the skin after repeated wiping.

Rubbing method: Stack 3 pieces of cotton pads and put on makeup remover. This is to remove the makeup of the whole face at one time, without having to change the cotton sheets repeatedly. Moreover, the makeup remover having a certain thickness has a strong force when removing makeup, and it is easy to remove the makeup and save the makeup remover.

Cotton pad VS loose powder

Can a cotton pad also act as a puff? That's right! One-time cotton pad powder can greatly avoid the disadvantages of foundation brush and puff.

Rubbing method: tear the cotton pad into two pieces, but do not completely tear it. Put 1 coffee spoon of loose powder in the middle, gently pat it evenly, then use your hands to hold the cotton pad and gently pat on the face, fine The loose powder will come out through the gaps in the cotton pad. In addition, you can also use the place where the cotton wool breaks the face hair and the brush sweeps the loose powder.

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