Change the "makeup" in early spring

The cute, sweet and playful style represented by the word "Meng" really makes people want to stop, and the cute beauty is also quietly popular. Then how can I be a cute girl? Now, Xiaobian tells you a few key points to create a beautiful makeup.

No bottom

Meng line beauty quick success guide

Key point 1: no makeup

The makeup is especially important for any makeup. The makeup of the cute beauty makeup should be clear, docile, and not floating, showing the innocence of the cute girl. After doing a good job of skin care, take a proper amount of liquid foundation, place it on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Apply a gentle stretch to the face while gently pressing with a sponge puff to help the liquid foundation. Better integration with the skin, pay special attention to the details of the corners of the eyes, nose, mouth and other corners, 360 ° no dead angle, all-round to create a flawless makeup.

Cute blush

Meng line beauty quick success guide

Point 2: Cute blush

Blush can make your entire makeup look healthy and cute, and generous. The first is the choice of the color of the blush, the skin of the white can choose the pink blush, the color of the general color should choose orange or pink blush. After the crimson number is selected, the next step is the blushing painting method. The blushing painting method of the cute beauty is very important. First find your own smile muscles, brush up from the ear, then circle in a counterclockwise direction, so that the effect of brushing out is even and natural, so that the cheeks are healthy and ruddy, creating a feeling of apple muscle, matte Seductive.

Innocent eye makeup

Meng line beauty quick success guide

Point 3: flawless eye makeup

Since it is a beautiful girl, then the eye makeup can not be too glamorous and vivid, to be pure and unremarkable. The cute eye makeup emphasizes the natural playfulness, the eyeliner is not suitable for too heavy, and the clean and simple one can be used to create a natural and cuddly feeling. Do not choose a thicker and longer mascara. False eyelashes should be discarded. The beauty of the cute woman is refreshing and tender, innocent and innocent, and the eyelashes with clear roots look refreshing and easy to approach. The eyebrows should be soft, the curvature should not be too sharp, the eyebrows should not be too picky, use the eyebrow powder to draw a few strokes, and the gentle arc can highlight the gentle temperament of the girl next door. In short, the most important purpose of Meng Beauty is to be as clean and clear as possible.

Tired of the Royal Sister, used to smoke, it is better to start a hand, draw a super cute beauty, be a pure and innocent, people do not guard against the beauty of the beauty!

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