What is the difference between an automatic baler and a semi-automatic baler?

What is the difference between an automatic baler and a semi-auto baler?

First, the shape of the baler: Semi-automatic balers have low-table semi-automatic balers and high-table semi-automatic balers, and automatic balers have vertical automatic balers and side-type automatic balers.

Second, the strapping method of the baler is different: When using the semi-automatic baler, the strapping is continuous and reliable, the plastic strap is tightly attached to the surface of the package, the joint is firm, the electrical safety of the machine, the working noise smoke, etc. do not affect the health of the operator; when using the fully automatic baler , No need to manually insert the tape, the trigger mode is divided into a little movement, manual, continuous playing, ball switch, foot switch, just press the switch to complete the package automatically, convenient and quick.

Third, the applicable amount of packaging is different: semi-automatic balers because each product needs to be manually operated, it is not suitable for large-scale production, such as the output is not great, you can choose to use; automatic balers because a series of actions are automatically completed For single-machine mass production.

Fourth, the price of balers is different: the price of fully automatic balers is more than twice the price of semi-automatic balers.

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