Heart water hand cream close care for delicate hands

Hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body to the outside world. Due to long-term exposure to external stimuli such as sunlight and pollution, the hand needs special attention more than other parts of the body. In this issue, the top 5 hand creams that are most popular among white-collar women are used to nourish and nourish the hands. Leaves your hands silky and silky, giving you a soft, supple feel and a radiant glow.

Mentholatum Double Whitening Hand Cream

Product recommendation: Mentholatum / Mentholatum double-effect whitening hand cream

Reference price: 50g/19.9 yuan

Product Description: Rich in bearberry and mulberry extract, effectively whiten the skin, leaving your hands tender and white. Contains moisturizing ingredients, glycerin and squalane, deeply moisturizing, keeping skin soft and smooth at all times. Refreshing and non-greasy, it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Nourishing whitening, double effect. Contains a variety of natural plant extracts such as chamomile and seaweed to promote skin metabolism. Provide sun protection for SPF15.

Coconut Milk Hand Cream

Product recommendation: SKINFOOD Coconut Milk Hand Cream

Reference price: 85g/34 yuan

Product introduction: Contains coconut, honeydew and other fruit extracts, which can help the wound heal and enhance the skin's resistance. Vitamin B12 can alleviate the sensitive reaction of the skin; vitamin E in honeydew can effectively resist free radicals and prevent skin aging. Contains a variety of skin care essential fatty acids, with milk extracts and high-efficiency moisturizing factors to protect your hands and skin around the clock. The creamy texture is easy to stretch, completely non-greasy and heavy, leaving the skin without (click to watch the film-free work "Love beyond national borders").

Gauss High Purity Urea Whitening Moisturizing Hand Cream

Product recommendation: KoseURENOA / Gauss high purity urea whitening moisturizing hand cream

Reference price: 50g/48 yuan

Product introduction: The high-strength Urenoa series of hand cream belongs to the "medical department", which has a therapeutic effect; the medicinal formula has no fragrance and no coloration. Formulated with high levels of urea, it moisturizes extremely dry hand skin, soothes peeling and sensitive redness. It also contains natural whitening ingredients to make your hands soft, fair and shiny.

Magic hand cream

Product recommendation: Shiseido / Shiseido MJ Love Mirror Cinderella Magic Hand Cream

Reference price: 40g/80 yuan

Product introduction: Adding sparkling pearl powder and adding moisturizing ingredients such as raspberry extract and rose extract to perfectly perform the supple and transparent feeling. It has strong absorption and is not sticky. It can effectively repair the skin of the hands and achieve a smooth and moist surface. The double essence not only doubles the moisturizing effect, but also exudes a tempting natural sweet aroma.

White-collar water hand cream

Product recommendation: Herbacin/German Chamomile Classic Hand Cream

Reference price: 12ml / 20 yuan

Product introduction: After dermatological medical component testing, it does not contain mineral oil and does not contain any animal ingredients. Adding German chamomile, plant glycerin and silicon compounds, it can soothe and moisturize the skin and keep the skin elastic. Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect, can calm the wound healing and have anti-aging function. Effectively protect the skin from harmful substances from the outside world, and protect the hands against the influence of the environment, such as invisible gloves. It completely penetrates the skin without a sticky feeling.

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