Health product bottle packaging specification

In order to pursue the grade of the product, the health care product manufacturers often use the health product bottle packaging to cost. We can see today in the shouting of lightweight plastic bottles to save costs and respond to low-carbon trends. Pick up a bottle of health products, especially some opaque health products bottle, the wall thickness of the bottle is very thick. We know a little bit of common sense. In fact, we all know that such a thick bottle is not a health product requirement for packaging, but just to create the product's marketing needs.

There are currently no recycling channels for health supplement bottles. A large number of waste collection stations also rejected health products bottles. This causes a large number of health products bottles to accumulate in the consumer's home. These cost-intensive packaging, with both durable and durable appearance, have become truly "one-time packaging." The waste of such resources makes people sigh. We believe that it is necessary for health product bottle packaging to emulate cosmetic packaging and carry out strict packaging specifications.

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