Mature skin ageing tips for quick skin tightening

What causes our facial aging? Let's find out the reasons and how to deal with them.

Mature skin ageing tips for quick skin tightening

Skin Relaxation Cause One: Loose pores

To explore the cause of skin relaxation, the most important one is caused by loose pores. The pores that fall down are a kind of “relaxation”, so special methods must be used to improve the relaxation effect.

Confrontation method: pore training

By continuously tapping the pores on the back of the spoon, the pores can be erected to achieve the effect of tightening the pores. In the process of photographing, by the way, stimulate the facial muscles that are not usually moving, and also improve the relaxed facial lines. >>>Autumn noon skin care - moisturizing hydrating to create beauty

Mature skin ageing tips for quick skin tightening

Skin Relaxation Cause 2: Congestion

Congestion is caused by poor venous circulation, which can lead to decreased skin metabolism, elimination of waste, toxins and other adverse consequences, and accelerate skin aging.

Countermeasure: Detoxifying skin massage

Step1: Starting from the center of the forehead, massage to the left and right sides

Step2: Massage in the direction of the cheek veins

Step3: When massaged down to the direction, press the ear slightly with both hands

Step4: finger pressing the lower part of the tibia, and slowly draw a circle

Step5: Gently pinch the chin with your fingers.

Xiao Bian Message: firming facial aging inhibition not only allows, you can also create small V face, beauty and more repair Yan.

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