Little common sense of home decoration

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the home decoration, if you can understand some common sense is necessary, can alleviate some pain in the decoration, now let's take a look at the small common sense in the home decoration:

Paint is used in the fine

With the promotion of finished furniture, the use of paint is shrinking, but in the production of carving, modeling, finished doors, etc., paint still dominates.

New materials are favored

With the advancement of technology, new materials are favored by people with more fashionable, more environmentally friendly and more convenient advantages.

Finished product is gradually popularized

With the advancement of society, fast-paced consumption is more in line with the psychology of modern people, and the proportion of finished products and factory decoration in home decoration is increasing.

Light decoration and heavy decoration

The types of materials used in modern decoration are becoming more and more streamlined, and soft decoration is becoming increasingly popular. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, soft decorative materials that show freedom, romance and individuality are widely used. In recent years, consumers in China have increasingly recognized wallpapers, carpets, decorative paintings and other decorations.

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